TEEN MOM Gary Shirley’s mom has COVID-19

“This has been extremely hard for us.” – Gary Shirley

Gary Shirley’s mother Carol Zizak is sick with COVID-19 this Mother’s day, so the Teen Mom OG star is forced to social distance from her. Gary shared the news on social media Sunday morning, detailing his mother’s experience with the virus since she got diagnosed a week ago. Gary, his wife Jennifer, and their kids have to take precautions against the virus more seriously than most because their youngest daughter has an immunodeficiency disorder. They have not hugged Gary’s mom or had her in their home in 3 months.

Even though they are trying to keep their distance, they are still trying to help Carol in her recovery by dropping off food without going in to see her. They suspect that Gary’s stepdad Jody has COVID-19 as well, since he is experiencing the same symptoms.

“This Mother’s Day is a little hard because my mother is very sick,” Gary shares on Instagram in a caption of a photo his mother with her grandchild. “A week ago she was diagnosed with Covid-19. Her line of work put her at a higher risk since she was working in activities and house keeping at an assisted living facility.”

“My wife and I have been trying to help by dropping off food (curbside) so she could focus on getting rest,” he goes on. “We haven’t hugged her in about 3 months & we haven’t had her over inside our home for about 3 months.

“This has been extremely hard for all of us,” Gary reveals. “Our youngest daughter has an immunodeficiency disorder where she gets sick so easily so we have stayed home and took this quarantine very seriously. We have had to go to store a few times (kid free of course) however, I knew my mother would be exposed at some point due to her job which was very worrisome itself.

“Now, with a confirmed case of covid-19 we are worried more and limited on what we can do to help. She has good days and of course bad days like today. Her and Jody live together and I knew it would only be a matter of time before he would get it, and of course…. I believe he has it now. He has the symptoms, but hasn’t had the test yet.

“So I will be dropping off breakfast in the morning on the porch and wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day while praying for her,” Gary explains about his Mother’s Day plans. “All prayers are welcomed and much appreciated. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers and a BIG Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing wife. @kristina_shirley3”

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor @AmeliaStarcasm

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