Chelsea and Cole DeBoer launch Itzy Ritzy line of clothes and products

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska DeBoer and Cole DeBoer product and fashion line with Itzy ritzy

It’s a VERY exciting week for Teen Mom 2 couple Chelsea and Cole DeBoer as they launch their highly anticipated line of clothes and products in a partnership with Itzy Ritzy. The official pre-order launch is tonight, which is the same night that the collaborative process that went into the line will be featured on Teen Mom 2.


Itzy Ritzy is a parenting lifestyle brand, so their products are generally geared towards parents and children. However, the site says of their collab that “anyone who is a fan of Chelsea + Cole’s laid back, edgy style will love it!” At the time of this post, the line is still in the prelaunch phase, so it is unclear exactly what kinds of products will be available in the future.

The initial launch features a diaper bag backpack inspired by Chelsea’s black leather jacket, and another that Cole helped design. There are also a number of t-shirts available, including one with the duo’s new “C+C” infinity arrow logo.


Itzy Ritzy wants to be sure that everyone knows that Chelsea and Cole played a HUGE part in the design process for the products in their line. The collection’s FAQ page shares more info about how it all happened:

It all started with Chelsea and Cole creating personal style Pinterest boards, answering a bunch of questions, and sharing their product ideas. From there, the Itzy Ritzy Design Team turned their inspiration into custom and unique product and pattern options that resonated back to C+C’s unique styles. Then, everyone joined forces in South Dakota for epic product design meetings where Chelsea and Cole provided feedback and made suggestions. Then our designers started sampling Chelsea + Cole for Itzy Ritzy products and had constant communication via text, phone, FaceTime, mail, etc. to make the products perfect!

Here’s a fantastic example of how the process worked using Cole’s diaper bag as an example:

Chelsea and Cole Itzy Ritzy collab

And here is the final product:

Teen Mom 2 Cole DeBoer diaper bag backpack Itzy ritzy


As mentioned above, the line is still in the pre-launch stage. In order to participate in the pre-launch you must sign up for the Chelsea + Cole Crew via the Itzy Ritzy website, which essentially just means providing them with an email address and/or phone number for text messages. The pre-lanch information will be sent to you either via email or text — whichever you select as your preferred method when signing up.

“On this list, you’ll be the first to know about upcoming releases, behind-the-scenes fun, and more!” the site explains. (UPDATE: There is no longer a separate sign up page to get on the email list. But, you can just visit the Chelsea and Cole collection page and scroll to the bottom to get on board!)

Another reason to be motivated to get on the list is that quantities are limited. “The Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy will be a limited edition collection,” the site warns. “Because of this, the product will likely sell out! To ensure you get your hands on the awesome collection, we recommend buying as soon as it goes on pre-order.”

After the initial pre-launch, “the full collection will be released throughout August 2019.”

UPDATE – It appears as though the collection is now live for everyone! Just clink the link to check it out!

Congratulations to Chelsea and Cole! It sounds as though they really were able to have a lot of influence and input on the products available through the new line, and I can’t wait to see all the results. I’m already imagining a nationwide “South Dakota chic” fashion trend. ?

Happy posts from the duo after the launch:

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