Jeremy Calvert reportedly admitted he’s ‘going through a divorce’ while trying to pick up a girl

Jeremy Calvert Divorce Plans

Teen Mom 2‘s Jeremy Calvert reportedly confirmed he’s “going through a divorce” while trying to hit on a woman in Ohio.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup‘s reputable sources, the Teen Mom 2 star tried to pick up a girl while on a job in Ohio. The source said Jeremy had a friend approach a girl at the bar and extend Jeremy’s offer to buy her a drink. She turned him down because she was driving and is in a relationship, but did strike up a short conversation with the West Virginia dad.

“He said a lot of girls want his number, but he was making his friend keep her number if she gave it to him so it wasn’t in his phone because he said he’s going through a divorce,” the source said. “He was probably shocked she turned him down!”

Even though Leah Calvert changed her Facebook status back to “married,” her latest tweets indicate there’s trouble behind the scenes.

Earlier in the day, she asked for people to keep her in their thoughts while she made a big decision on Monday. She also clarified that Jeremy is working seven days out of the week and living in a fifth wheel purchased by his parents. Meanwhile, Jeremy deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts… It looks like his Twitter has been reactivated, but he’s still off Facebook.

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