Courtland Rogers’ new girlfriend reveals he struck a plea deal, will be released from jail on Friday

Courtland Rogers mugshot from heroin arrest
Courtland Rogers, estranged husband and literal partner-in-crime to Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans, is set for release from jail on Friday. Courtland has been behind bars since late April, when he was arrested for heroin possession and assault.

The news of his homecoming was joyfully reported on Twitter by Courtland’s girlfriend, Ashley Meeks.

Ashley added that Courtland signed a plea deal after a court hearing. Another source close to Courtland confirmed to Radar Online that the 27-year-old will be released within the next day or so.

“He was basically given his time served because he pleaded guilty to his charges and now he’s going to get out.”

Gather reports Courtland plans to move near his sister in Raleigh. Hopefully her positive influence will keep Courtland out of trouble.

Another person in a position to keep Courtland out of trouble is Ashley. Based on her tweets, the unconsummated lovebirds’ officially became boyfriend and girlfriend right after Courtland’s plea deal. From what we can tell, Ashley is an upstanding citizen and good mom who dotes on her young son.

Unfortunately, for as much much as Jenelle and Courtland are moving on with their own lives, they are still legally married. In fact, North Carolina laws require the wedded couple to observe 365 days of separation before filing for divorce. (We bet North Carolina legislators weren’t anticipating a situation like the Rogers’ when they made that law! It’s easy to see that Jenelle and Courtland are much better off when they aren’t in a relationship.)

While Courtland’s legal problems are (hopefully) coming to an end, Jenelle still faces serious charges. As Teen Mom 2-ologists may remember, after being arrested and charged with crimes parallel to Courtland’s, Jenelle posted bail and was released from jail.

Jenelle appeared in court this morning with the company of MTV cameras to face the charges. After a short hearing, the judge decided to postpone legal precedings until August 12.

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