Kail Lowry shares Baby Lo photos, still deciding on a name

Kail Lowry three sons

Teen Mom 2 star Kaily Lowry gave birth to her third son early Saturday, and today she shared photos online of her new addition hanging with Baby Lo big bros Isaac and Lincoln!

Here are the snaps from Kail’s Instagram:

Kail Lowry sons Isaac Lincoln and Baby Lo

Kail Lowry sons Lincoln Isaac and Baby Lo together

Kailyn penned a simple caption for the brotographs: “Nothing compares ? #motherofboys #momx3” Kailyn also posted a picture of just herself with Baby Lo in which he can be seen sleeping on Kail’s chest:

Kail Lowry baby Lo photo

Kail spoke with Radar Online about having a third boy. “I wasn’t disappointed at all,” she told the site. “Boys are all I know so I think it worked out for the better.”

When Kail returned home initially, Isaac and Lincoln were not there. Kail talked to Radar about their reactions to having a new little brother. “Now that we’re home and adjusted I think they’ll come meet him shortly,” Kail said. “They’re super excited. Javi keeps texting that Lincoln is excited so I’m excited for them to meet him.”

Meanwhile, Kail continues to struggle with coming up with a name for Baby Lo! We chided her on Twitter and she assured us that she is “working on it:”

Kail had some more fun talking about the baby name struggle with fans on Twitter:

So which do you like better — Murphy, Francis, Milo, or Climber? (I gotta go with Climber, but then again I am biased because I am a blogger and I would just REALLY like to type Climber Lowry all the time!) I did think of a few bad suggestions though, like YoLo and Mickail. 😉

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