TEEN MOM 2 Jade Cline wants to adopt and ‘give a child an amazing family’

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Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline has struggled a bit with finding stability in her life, but she seems confident enough with where she’s at now to start thinking about expanding her family. “Really want to adopt my next child,” she revealed to her Twitter followers on Monday. “I have so much love to offer and really want to give a child an amazing family and an amazing life.”

One of her followers replied by telling Jade that if she is really serious about adopting, she should “try and adopt a child from the State” because “there are soooo many kids out there that need a loving home.”

“Yeah I know that,” Jade responded. “I was in the system. I was a foster child. I want to foster [then] eventually adopt.”

Another follower was 100% supportive of the idea:

You would be a PERFECT PERSON for a foster child. I have followed your story so close and I can’t even believe I am writing to you write now 🥰 these kids need Fosters that actually know what it’s really like in the system! So please look into it. You should be proud of urself ❤️

“Thank you,” Jade replied, along with a gray heart emoji. “Once I hit 25 I am going to apply to be a foster & then adopt through fostering. Both of my good friends growing up were both in foster care, eventually adopted, and their foster mother was amazing. They love their life and I would love to give a kid an amazing life.”

Not everyone was quite so gung-ho. “Give all that love to yourself and your child,” one follower tweeted. “I do?” Jade replied, adding an lol.

Another Twitter user was a little more harsh. “Don’t bring a stranger into your life only to mess them up even more,” she wrote, “they are trying to escape a bad world filled with arguing and drug abuse GET YOUR LIFE RIGHT FIRST 🤦🏽‍♀️.”

Jade hasn’t responded to that tweet yet.

The last time we checked in with Jade it appeared that she and her daughter Kloie’s dad Sean Austin were back together. That was back in February. Since that time, neither Jade nor Sean have posted anything about the other on social media, so it’s a bit unclear where their relationship stands.

In regards to the coronavirus pandemic, Jade revealed on Instagram this week that she will getting back to work as a cosmetologist later this month. Here’s the message that she posted as a text graphic:

Hey guys! So my county is going to let me reopen on May 11th. I’m taking appointments for the end of May/beginning of June. Please dm or text if you had an appointment but had to cancel due to Covid-19. Please dm me if you had a wedding or event that you had me booked for but had to be delayed! Also current or new clients, dm to book me at my salon or for events! (One person in my salon allowed at a time. No guests with you during your appointment)

Jade’s announcement was met with excitement by many, and criticism by a few. Jade responded to the latter at length in the comments:

Like you are mad bc I NEED to go back to work to pay my bills? F**king dumb. Since this whole shut down I haven’t worked in months, and I’ve still been paying rent at my home, and along with rent at my salon which cost more than my own house. I’ve done everything by the book, and have Quarantine myself like I am supposed to, so if my county where I work at says we are able to re-open and to use precautions then that’s exactly what I’m going to do, I cannot afford to stay closed. All these people know nothing about owning a small business and everything that comes with it.

If you live in Indiana and you’re looking to get your hair “slayed by Jade,” be sure to hit her up on her business Instagram @hairslayedbyjade__

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