Jenelle Evans’ daughter Ensley tested positive for marijuana at birth, more Kaiser abuse claims

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Nathan Griffith’s mother has filed for emergency custody of her grandson Kaiser after alleging he was abused while in the care of mom Jenelle Evans and her fiancé David Eason. In addition, a new report reveals that Jenelle’s daughter Ensely (and eventually Jenelle and David) tested positive for THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) when she was born!

The emergency custody order was filed by Doris Davidson on September 1, and in it she points out that Jenelle “has a long history of drug use and criminal convictions for drug use,” before detailing specific instances in which she believed the welfare of three-year-old Kaiser was in jeopardy:

The minor child [Kaiser] has been in a constant state of congestion for the past several months that never seemed to get better every time he visited. On March 2, 2017, the proposed Intervenor [Doris] took the minor child to Grand Strand Pediatrics where they prescribed a nebulizer. March 19, 2017 he was sick again with many nose and congestion. Upon information and belief, Plaintiff [Jenelle] does not use the nebulizer on the minor child.

There have been several occasions where the proposed Intervenor has seen been bruising and markings on the minor child that are unusual and more than normal scrapes that a toddler may have than a two/three year old should have. The proposed Intervenor has raised two son which are now adults, and is cognizant of the fact that young boys are rough and tough and stumble and fall and get scrapes and bruises, however, the proposed Intervenor feels that the minor child’s bruises have been in places that have been indicative of more than rowdy behavior. On April 28, 2017, there was bruising on the minor child’s back. On March 31, 2017 there was a bruise on the minor child’s chest of a finger print which appeared as though a finger had been pressed firmly into the minor child’s chest as well as along the minor child’s left arm appearing that he had been jerked by the arm.

Doris included photos as evidence of her claims, but those photos are currently not available. Her claims echo ones made by Nathan on Twitter early last month. During his angry tweet spree, Nathan claimed that Kaiser had “finger like marks on [his] back,” is often sick after being with Jenelle and David, he fell off a boat recently while with Jenelle and David, and that Kaiser is “petrified when you mention David name.”

In addition to the abuse claims regarding Kaiser, Doris also drops a bombshell by revealing that Jenelle’s daughter Enley tested positive for THC, the high-inducing compound found in marijuana, when she was born. “DSS became involved due to Ensley testing positive for marijuana and opened an investigation,” Doris claims in the filing. She adds that both Jenelle and David “had positive drug screens for marijuana” as a result of the investigation.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirmed the positive test for THC in Ensley’s blood and further elaborated on what happened behind the scenes: essentially that Jenelle was under investigation for months, but was able to skip free after obtaining a medical marijuana card on one of her visits to California! “She went to this shady doctor on Sunset Blvd. who has been in trouble in the past,” a source tells The Ashley. “I think he’s actually a plastic surgeon. It was a walk-in clinic type place. She has a lot of friends in LA that can help her with this sort of thing.”

One of The Ashley’s sources says that “because Jenelle was able to prove she had ‘a medical need’ for the marijuana, the investigation was dropped.” I sounds like Jenelle is taking a page right out of this book:

Better Call Dustin Sullivan book

I should point out that the reality star’s alleged marijuana use while expecting was initially revealed by David Eason’s sister Jessica Eason during her EPIC social media feud with Jenelle back in May. “Ya Smoked weed while pregnant,” Jessica said of Jenelle at one point.

Jenelle has since responded to the emergency custody order — but not so much Ensley testing positive for THC — in a statement first posted by E!:

Our lawyers are talking today. Doris made accusations but I can tell you that Barbara has a lot to do with them… Doris threw her own son under the bus by admitting that he has pending felonies and possibly on drugs. Her emergency filing was against me and Nathan Both. I can tell you that they are allegations, driven by my mom, and she didn’t get her emergency custody. That speaks for itself.

Surprisingly, Jenelle has remained rather quiet on Twitter about the whole thing. She did tweet these Kesha lyrics though:

[Custody filing first posted by Radar Online]

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