VIDEO Jenelle Eason Ex Files preview clip & premiere date!

Jenelle Evans EX Files special coming to MTV with Andrew Lewis Kieffer Delp Gary Head Courtland Rogers and Nathan Griffith

The reality show event of the year is finally upon us! Early last month, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason confirmed that MTV was working on an “Ex Files” special featuring her notorious ex-boyfriends, ex-fiances, and her ex-husband. (Although it wasn’t clear at first if Jenelle’s most infamous ex, Kieffer Delp, would be making his return to the network, a producer later posted a brief video clip of him on Instagram and proudly boasted “He’s baaack…”)

Amazingly, the Jenelle Ex-Files special is set to premiere tomorrow night, just a few weeks after it was revealed that Kieffer had agreed to take part. MTV released the very first preview clip for the special (which looks to be the first couple minutes of the actual episode) narrated by none other than Jenelle herself:


(Ugh – my apologies for the autoplay. If the clip shows up on Youtube or somewhere else I will try to remember to swap it out.)


Here is a montage of all the fellers — I assume from the special and thus from the past year:

Jenelle Ex Files Special with Andrew Gary Kieffer Courtland and Nathan

And here’s Jenelle’s narration — I just wish I was animated gif savvy so I could include the classic shot of Nathan getting arrested and Jenelle chasing that car in the dark in her green sweats…

I’m Jenelle from Teen Mom 2, and I recently married the love of my life, David. But before I found true love, I had to steer past some bad boyfriends and rough relationships. Tonight, we’ll dig deep into the filing cabinet, and hear from the exes themselves, to give you and intimate look at the crashes, the courtships, and the ones that got away. You’re watching Teen Mom 2 Jenelle: The Ex-Files.

Unfortunately, the Jenelle Ex-Files special is a victim of MTV once again trying to gel coat Floribama Shore ratings by crafting a Teen Mom sandwich with the Ex-Files getting the “bottom bun” 11/10c post-Floribama Shore duties. If that sentence was too confusing, the Jenelle: Ex-Files special premieres Monday night at 11/10c on MTV.

Oh, and if you were curious how the ratings gel capping is going, the answer seems to be a resounding “not very good.” Last week MTV sandwiched their new Southern fried Jersey Shore sister show between two brand new episodes of Teen Mom OG. The episode of Teen Mom OG that aired in its normal 9/8c time slot brought in 1.22 million viewers, which was slightly down from the previous week’s premiere viewership of 1.32 million. The episode that aired at 11/10c (after Floribama Shore) dropped to almost half that number with a mere 682k.

Meanwhile, Floribama Shore continues to struggle. Even while drafting off the 1.2 million Teen Mom OG viewers, the show brought in just 788k at 10/9c. That is down from its back-to-back premiere episodes the week before (after the 2-hour Teen Mom OG premiere) with 848k and 794k.

On a positive note, it seems like a real vote of confidence from MTV for Floribama Shore in that they are willing to take a hit on their Teen Mom ratings just to get folks to try it out. Anyways — my apologies for the ratings ramblings, but I find it all so fascinating!

Want to refresh your memory of Jenelle’s romantic past prior to watching her Ex-Files special? Be sure to check out our complete Jenelle Evans dating timeline — I can GUARANTEE it will blow your mind reading it, just like it blew my mind when I put it together!

* Actually, the timeline isn’t totally complete in that it doesn’t include this guy or this guy, both of which were not much more than casual dates.

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