MOB WIVES Renee Graziano arrested for DWI after crashing her car PHOTO

Renee Graziano arrested for DWI mug shot from VH1 Mob Wives promo

Mob Wives star Renee Graziano was charged with DWI after crashing her car into a parked vehicle Tuesday night.

According to The Daily Mail, Renee was driving a 2020 Nissan Murano with New Jersey plates in Staten Island just after 10PM Tuesday night when she collided with a parked and unoccupied 2020 Jeep Wrangler. The site reports that the accident happened at the intersection of Arden Avenue and Arthur Kill Road.

Staten Island Advance shared a photo of the crash scene that shows Renee’s vehicle flipped over on the south side of Arthur Kill Road. Here’s the photo:

The Daily Mail reports that 52-year-old Renee was climbing out of the driver’s seat when police arrived on the scene. Renee “was allegedly incoherent, had watery eyes and slurred speech.” She also reportedly told police she had taken Adderall earlier in the day.

Renee was transported to a local hospital before being taken to the police station. She was charged with driving while impaired.

UPDATE – We have a little bit more information and more photos from Page Six:

Sources told Page Six that Graziano — who informed police she had taken Adderall earlier in the day — was allegedly “wobbly on her legs” and had “slurred speech” and glassy eyes.

“Officers, when they went to speak to the driver of the vehicle, she displayed physical characteristics consistent with being under the influence and was subsequently taken into custody,” a spokesperson for the NYPD told Page Six.

Staten Island Advance spoke to a law enforcement source who said that it was yet to be determined whether or not Renee would be arraigned today. The source says the decision is “pending a blood test looking to ascertain if she had taken a prescription drug.”

Renee Graziano responds to DWI arrest

Renee took to Instagram earlier today to share a statement about the crash DWI arrest. She claims that she was not charged with DWI as she dismissed the reports as “chit chat” and not “FACTS.”

All That Chit Chat But No Calls (minus a few) FACT Check People🤷🏻‍♀️ The Internet Is A Blessing And A CURSE.. The Blessing Is I’m 100% Perfect, NO Dwi!!!! Car Is Replacable, And The Curse, Well The Word Fux Comes To Mind Right About Now … 2022 BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED 🙏 ✨

UPDATE – Renee has issued a statement to In Touch. “No DUI!!!!!” she iterated to the site. “I had my daily script of address [sic] in my bag. I hit back [sic] ice. It turned into a disaster. I walked out without a scratch or a bump, no arrest, no charges.”

Renee later corrected her spelling error to confirm she was in possession of Adderall. She says that the charges were dropped before she could even see a judge. “They held me for a few [hours] for observation being the car was totaled but WITH GODS GRACE N MERCY not a scratch, no cops, no tickets, no arrested,” she said.

UPDATE – Renee deleted her previous Instagram post and added a photo of herself with her dad along with a new statement:

The News Always Likes To Report Something, ANYTHING Whether It’s Right Or WRONG .. Things Go Left In Someone’s Life,, From Time To Time ITS LIFE ON LIFE TERMS!!!!! So Let Me Make It Clear,, 1ST AND FOREMOST NO ONE WAS INVOLVED IN THE ACCIDENT BUT ME NO ONE WAS TOUCHED,, OR INJURED…. Now Yes I Was In A BAD CAR ACCIDENT 🙏 Pictures Dont Lie But Peoples Words Do SO … Here’s The Facts NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL WERE INVOLVED (In spite what or whoever reprorted there was) I DID NOT GET A DUI/DWI, I WAS TAKEN TO THE HOSPITAL AS A PRECAUTION CAUSE I DID BANG MY HEAD, HOWEVER NO PHYSICAL HARM WAS DONE TO MY HEAD OR BODY, NO TICKET, NO CHARGES Matter Of FACT It Was Thrown Out And I Never Even Seen A Judge!!! SO PLEASE RESPECT MY PRIVACY I Have Been Though Enough In MY Life And I Will Be The 1st To Say I Have Crossed THAT Line,, SO THIS STORY STOPS HERE!!!!!!


Please Drive Safe, SLOW DOWN Youll Get Where You Need To Be On God’s Time 🙏
And Beware Of BLACK ICE Yeah That’s A Real Thing Too

To My Personal Angel 😇 I Love You Daddy ❤ Like You Say “Tough Times Dont Last TOUGH People Do” #HereToStay #Graziano

If there was an arrest it’s their job, however any and all charges were dropped n thrown out of court

Renee has a long history of addiction issues, and has been to rehab on several occasions.

The former reality star’s trip to the police station this week was just the latest legal issues for her family. Renee’s son, Anthony “AJ” Pagan, was charged late last year with multiple felonies after he allegedly falsified documents and received unemployment benefits while working in 2018.

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