SISTER WIVES Gwendlyn Brown admits her sister is her cousin

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown has been spilling the tea on social media, and one of the craziest admissions she’s made is that her sister is also her biological cousin.

How is this possible?

Sister Wives family tree

Sister Wives is a hit TV show from TLC that has aired for 17 seasons. Over the course of the series we have learned a lot of crazy things about the Brown family… including the fact that half of them are related in other ways than how they present themselves.

One example of this is how Kody’s father was actually married to Janelle’s mother, meaning that his wife is also his step-sister! Weird? Maybe to us, but apparently this happens in polygamy all the time.

Adding to the crazy family tree, Gwendlyn Brown has recently explained how her biological cousin is actually her sister – so by her math, that means her cousin is her biological sister, as well.


Brown family biological

A fact that maybe even the most obsessive Sister Wives fan wouldn’t know is that Robyn’s first husband is Christine Brown’s first cousin. Meaning that Robyn’s kids were related to Christine’s kids before she joined the family as their fourth wife.

Gwendlyn explains in this video why she has referred to Aurora (Robyn’s daughter) as both her biological cousin AND her biological sister in the past.

When I was in high school, or middle school, and I first learned about that, I used to always refer to Aurora, since she and I are biologically second cousins, she’s also biologically my sister because we are, you know, genetically related… and we’re sisters, so she is my biological sister… which I think is just cute.

There you have it folks, the web of the Brown family continues to get more complicated!

We have to agree with Gwendlyn though… especially with the rift between Christine and Robyn, it is “cute” that she still treats Aurora and the rest of Robyn’s kids like the family that they are.

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