Delusional man’s rambling lawsuit heavy in cray-cray: claims he and Lindsay Lohan helped kill Osama bin Laden

Lindsay Lohan recently had a tax problem made public, but otherwise she’s been doing very well lately. She got glowing reviews at her latest probation hearing, and hopefully the legal, drug, and personal troubles that have troubled her these past few years are behind her.

She’s still got problems though. TMZ dug up documents proving that Thomas A. Green, a homeless man who has a history of delusional episodes and hallucinations filed a rambling, ridiculous lawsuit against Lindsay. It’s really hard to figure out exactly what the lawsuit is actually about. He rambles for pages and pages about communicating with Lindsay on Facebook, a failed online business partnership, assassinating Osama bin Laden, hurling insults at her mother’s PR person, and claiming Lindsay is a high-end hooker. He wants $300,000 from the starlet for his troubles.

Here’s the gobbledygook partially transcribed and translation (as much as it could be):

I, plaintiff Thomas Arthur Green Jr. sole proprietor of Collaborative Marketing Solutions claims against defendant are to glean compensation in what I call unfair business practice. Stated below is the history of relation between defendant and my self being referred to as TAG. As to an on going prolonged derangement game playing and self promoting at my demise. The defendant attaining attention and ability to make profits vie defendants in place ability to sell ads in defendants inquires vie mass audience already in place hence the interest in reaching a mass audience to launch a dot com for capital to start other aspects of marketing.

He goes on to say something about how he wanted to sell billboard ads on the computer, mentions a gulf coast fundraiser (referencing some public tweets Lindsay once made about a fundraiser for the gulf during the oil spill crisis.) He then says the plan was to sell things door-to-door like girl scouts, but through a little league team “to subsidize costs.” He says he was a friend to Lindsay during her jail time and “personal problems” and that she identified herself as Lindsay Lohan to him on Facebook. Then, he claims “The Defendant took to playing games as a young female with TAG (Thomas Arthur Green) was serious about creating a new company and fundraiser.”

He says she flashed photos of herself, causing him to create a fourth Facebook account (what?) Then he says he communicated with her via When Lindsay went back to jail, Arthur said something to the effect that he had to get his income through labor during the summer, and had to move to Hawaii to await Lindsay’s jail time. He says his Facebook accounts increased to 11, then 40.

Then, he says because Lindsay had to go to the Betty Ford Clinic, he said he had to communicate with her mom’s PR person.

Here’s that story:

While it would be impossible for her all hours to respond chime live her mother PR person who ever keeping the show going a nut job drunken and obesity babbling about personal life and Taunting the Muslims as a race over Usoma Big Ladden in his own cider war on Usoma. The defendant kept the mid blowing games going with naughty school girl outfits in pictures Betty Ford in reference to songs I suggests. January 2011 TAG mother had to fly him off to Hawaii his time and money spent for months extinguished TAG mind mind was all over place and upset constantly.

Then TAG, says after his mother was broke, he went to Colorado (as you would in these circumstances.) Then, TAG says he took to Twitter, and helped assassinate Osama bin Laden. After that he says Lindsay was posting on her Twitter account updates that made him think she was in trouble with the mafia, so he went to her home in Venice Beach, CA to make sure she was okay because he felt like family. He said he was run off by a man with a knife, and then asked to leave town by police.

Then, you knowm things didn’t turn for the best once he returned home:

Once TAG got back home town loss residence and money forced TAG to homeless shelter in a depreciated stage of delusion and hallucinations. TAG was maced and arrested in homes shelter over speaking about relationship with defendant with extreme agitation.

Then, get this, TAG called his Governor’s office to tell them that he and Lindsay Lohan helped kill Osama bin Laden. He was upset when they laughed at him and hung up.

Next, he says he wants compensation because Lindsay didn’t promote his company with her powers to accumulate public interest because of her personal and legal problems.

TAG attempts civil action against the defendant are to recoup time monies and opportunities lost – money that could been earned. Over a year TAG spent trying to reach a professional levels with defendant as the defendant lead him into more sickness. TAG states in past year the only one benefiting is said defendant with and industries that feeds on drama and other pain and sufferings as the defendant continues to have personal and legal problems the masses that now generate the ability to gain monies set in defendants life as to what TAG calls it stock going up possible receiving work for being more interesting to powers to be. With out the common general public knowledge not being in that circle and creates an acct. and informs defendant as to get word out. Defendant did to was result. January 2011 TAG is now stuck in Colorado with no money or set income with a bank account closed and loss of Cc company to work his project and detached from face book peers to complete the project as whole.

He became confused about how Hollywood worked because Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t promote his non-product.

He then said he had a fight with his mother over Lindsay, the police were called, and he went to Jacksonville, FL to stay with his uncle, who had a broken leg. While there, he began to think that his uncle’s leg was broken by oranized crime members his sister supposedly was involved with. Then he sent Lindsay “100 angry messages” about how he thought somehow she had the mob break his uncle’s leg. He joined Twitter again, and then this: “TAG states in reading others twitters he could see the status of the mass viewing. TAG set out to command defendant to twitter and stated if defendant acknowledges this is an Osoma Bin Ladden op all civilians in past wrong doing will receive clemency.”

He says some more rambling stuff, claims Lindsay is a high-end prostitute, and says he wants $300,000 because of the failed “dotcom and fundraising” venture.

CLICK HERE to (try to) read the whole lawsuit.