EXPOSED! The real reason The Brown family moved to Flagstaff from Vegas

Paedon Brown, the 24-year-old son of Christine and Kody Brown, participated in an explosive live interview Wednesday (1-11-23,) where he gave his honest opinions about most of the family’s hot-button issues. One of the things Paedon confirmed was why the family suddenly moved to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2018.

During a 3-hour interview with five panelists on the John Yates YouTube channel, Peadon confirmed that to his knowledge the family decided to move to Flagstaff, Arizona because Robyn wanted to follow Dayton to college.

Paedon says that the family was going to be move somewhere because his father was in one of his “seven-year itches,” but only reason why the family would have moved to Flagstaff was because Dayton got accepted to college at Northern Arizona University.

Paedon explains that they have no realatives or anyone they know in the area and that Flagstaff wasn’t discussed as a potential destination until Dayton got accepted to college there. On the show Robyn made it seem like she had nothing to do with the decision making, but Paedon is clear that he thinks Robyn is behind the Flagstaff choice.

At the time the family told viewers they were moving to Flagstaff, Arizona because it was the “most beautiful place” in the western United States.

He was also adamant it wasn’t Dayton’s decision to have the family follow him, and that Dayton was ready and excited to travel out of state for school.

Sister Wives viewers will not be surprised by this information, but this is one of the only times, if not the only time, this has been directly spoken about by a member of the Brown family. It has been the “pink elephant” in the room for five years now.

Paedon speaks very highly of Dayton in the interview, calling him a “wonderful” person. He says that Robyn is overprotective of Dayton, though, and he “learns how to fly” outside of his mother’s next.

Paedon also confirmed that Dayton has been living in the RV on Robyn’s property, but says he doesn’t know the exact reason why. Yesterday Paedon’s estranged sister Gwen said Dayton was “probably” living in the RV, but Paedon is sure that he is living in the RV.

“He’s almost 21 and he’s living in an RV outside his mother’s house and I really, really, really, really hope that she learns how to cut the umbilical cord because he is an incredible guy,” Paedon said in the interview. “Dayton is an incredible brother and an incredible person. And his mother, trying to be a protective mother, all props to her trying to be a protective mother, never threw him out of the nest.”

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