VIDEO Conan O’Brien show premiere opening skit

Conan O'Brien in a wife beater tanktop

Conan O’Brien made his triumphant return to late night television last night as host of Conan on TBS.

CoCo addressed his firing from The Tonight Show using his usual self-deprecating sense of humor including a hilarious opening skit that explained what all he has been up to since the firing:

I didn’t realize Conan has 14 kids! Or should I say, I didn’t realize Conan had sex 14 times!

Conan O'Brien in his short-lived career as a kids' party clown

Is it just me or could Conan have pulled off the clown career with a little help from Pimpbot 3000?

Here are some more image stills from the skit including a spoof of the machine gun assassination scene from The Godfather and a job interview with Don Draper!

Conan O'Brien is gunned down by NBC like the scene from The Godfather

Conan O'Brien tries his hat at advertising with Don Draper played by Jon Hamm

Conan O'Brien woking the register at a fast food restaurant

Conan O'Brien in traction after being gunned down by NBC

Photos: TBS