SISTER WIVES Mykelti Brown recalls ‘dirt poor’ childhood, mostly ate old bread

Kody Brown once said that the number one question he gets asked about Sister Wives is ‘how can you afford such a large family?” The Brown’s finances have always been suspicious, but it turns out that the situation may be more dismal than you think.

Mykelti Brown Padron is spilling the tea on her childhood and the nasty old food she was forced to eat as a polygamist’s kid.

Mykelti Brown Padron

Mykelti grew up with her parents Kody and Christine Brown, as well as her ‘other’ mothers Meri, Janelle, and later Robyn, on the TLC series Sister Wives.

In her teenage years Mykelti was known as the eclectic one who wanted to explore a career in fashion. She was outspoken and no nonsense… traits the reality star has brought with her into adulthood.

When Padron was a child, the Brown family didn’t have the income from a television show to keep them afloat… and according to her, their situation was dire.

The Brown kids dirt poor childhood

In a video recorded on the couple’s Patreon, Mykelti and husband Tony Padron tell the world that Kody Brown didn’t do the best job when it came to providing for his children’s basic needs.

Tony spills first, saying he recalls Mykelti referring to her childhood as ‘dirt poor back in the day.’ He also claims they only ate ‘hot dogs’ a point Brown quickly reacts to while setting the record straight:

Hot dogs are you kidding? We’d be lucky if we got hot dogs, we’d get bread… three day old bread.

The news is shocking… did Kody Brown malnourish his kids?!

Tony Padron explains that they ‘aren’t doing this’ to ‘bash’the family, they’re just explaining Mykelti’s truth… but these are some pretty big allegations.

While its sad the older siblings had to endure tough times, it sounds as if Kody’s younger children may be a little better off – Mykelti Brown admits that the new generation of her siblings gets to enjoy “fresh groceries” because of their Sister Wives ‘fame.’

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