Rumors – Is Justin Theroux dating Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Bivens, or both?

Smartwater spokesgirl Jennifer Aniston is rumored to be dating yet another co-star. Tabloids have constructed a romance storyline after Jen (42) was seen having dinner with her Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux (39) on May 18. Jennifer’s rep told Celebuzz: “What the story neglects to mention is the three additional people also at the dinner. It was a dinner with friends – that’s all.” Almost weeks later she reportedly dined again with Theroux, and her besties Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler. claimed that Aniston arranged the dinner so her closest friends could get acquainted with her new man.

Jen’s rep’s denial didn’t stop InTouch from claiming Aniston and Theroux had an “attraction” on set of their film, and

“tried not to pursue anything until the movie wrapped, but they couldn’t wait. They began meeting secretly, first for coffee or lunch, then drinks and dinner. Jennifer has jumped right in. She’s really taken with Justin.”

Not completely unbelievable, but there’s just one problem.

Theroux has a long-time girlfriend, stylist Heidi Bivens, whom he has been dating for six years. Here they are last year:

Theroux’s girlfriend’s mom has is also denying that her daughter’s boyfriend is dating Aniston, saying that the tabloids reports are just a misunderstanding.

It’s interesting that InTouch didn’t go with the girlfriend, love-triangle angle, but instead wondered if Theroux was too weird for Aniston. They referred to a 2003 NY Times article that describes Theroux’s strange apartment back then:

“There is a collection of mousetraps by the bookshelves, a small pile of switchblades on the coffee table and a human skull, a remnant of looser times at eBay, by the side of the couch. From his friend Amy Sedaris he has two homey found paintings — one of a little girl disfigured by syphilis, the other of two toddlers playing with a syringe.”

Jennifer has previously been romantically linked in the tabloids and news to other co-stars like Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Owen Wilson, but the love affair rumors always dissipate after the movies hit the box-office. Is this just another over-hyped movie romance for Aniston, or is this one for real?

Wanderlust, is in theaters October 7, 2011.