OK! Magazine’s Teen Mom Season 3 preview recap

OK! magazine cover Kim Kardashian I'm Having A Baby! with Teen Mom preview

The current issue of OK! magazine touts their Teen Mom Season 3 preview on the cover with the headline “TEEN MOM PREVIEW – New Feuds, babies & a bride!” Being the diligent Teen Momologists that we are of course we had to pick up a copy and see what kind of spoilers were inside! (Of course, with all the media scrutiny surrounding the girls from the show there’s little room for major spoilers, but still.)

Teen Mom Maci Bookout and Kyle King are reportedly engaged and planning their wedding

Sadly, there wasn’t a whole lot in the “preview” about what specifically to expect in Season 3. The biggest tidbit came from a “show insider” who reveals that Maci Bookout and Kyle King’s engagement and pending wedding will be a major storyline this season. From OK!:

“Maci would love to get married and thinks planning a wedding would be fun,” says a show insider. “She’s gotten a few brides magazines and says they’re addictive.”

The insider goes on to talk about how great Maci and Kyle’s relationship has become, including running together and spontaneous romantic gestures from Kyle.

Things are also reportedly better between Maci, Kyle and Bentley’s father Ryan Edwards too. Ryna said recently in a conversation online that “I’ve moved on, too, so it doesn’t bother me. She can be with whoever she wants.”

So what about the old adage “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage?” The insider talks about MAci’s opinion of Kyle as far as being dad material for more children:

“He has become such a good support system for Maci,” says the insider. “She does want more babies when the time is right.”

As far as everyone else, the magazine just sort of touches on what we knew already as well as some of the recent headlines. Here are the girl-by-girl bullet points:

Teen Mom Amber Portwwod and Gary Shirley in American Gothic

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley: There is mention of the vandalism incident involving graffiti on Amber’s car as well as the death threats against her – both of which led to a judge’s decision last month to grant sole custody of daughter Leah to her father, Gary. (There were concerns for her safety at Amber’s house.) They also bring up Gary’s recent arrest, which occurred after an argument with Amber drew the police’s attention and it was discovered Gary had a suspended license after being pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt in September.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia pose for a studio portrait

Farrah Abraham: Farrah and daughter Sophia are currently living in Florida where she is attending culinary school and working on a book about her experience being a teen mom, expected to be released later this year.

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra in California

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: The magazine reports that both Catelynn and Tyler have graduated high school and are planning to attend college. Also, the couple is still together and marriage still seems to be in the cards. (Catelynn revealed elsewhere that this season will feature another falling out and getting back together between the two.)

OK! also ran what amounts to a Teen Mom popularity contest in the form of a poll asking readers “Which Teen Mom are you most excited to see?”

Here are the results:

Maci Bookout – 57%
Catelynn Lowell – 28%
Farrah Abraham – 11%
Amber Portwood – 4%

Hmmmm… It seems drama doesn’t do much towards building a fan base! I would have thought more folks would be excited to see first hand all the craziness in Amber’s life since last season wrapped up!

You can catchup on all the original Teen Mom foursome drama beginning July 5 on MTV with the Season 3 premiere! You can catch up on all the rest of the OK! magazine Teen Mom preview by picking up the June 13, 2011 issue – on newsstands now!

Farrah and Sophia photo: Aaron St. Clair / Splash News
Tyler and Catelynn photo: London Entertainment / Splash News