VIDEO: RHOC Reunion Part 2 preview: Tamra Barney and Slade Smiley argue over who’s the biggest moocher

Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 2 (airing Monday night at 10 EST) involves a nasty fight between Tamra and Slade over who is the biggest deadbeat moocher.

Tamra questions Slade’s not being motivated to get a job, especially since he owes child support money to his sick son Grayson.

Slade and Gretchen compare Slade’s job (Slade once made millions in the mortgage title business) to being a Realtor, which is Tamra’s job. Alexis Bellino notes that Tamra only sold four houses this year, but didn’t bother to get another job, like working at McDonald’s.

That’s when things really got nasty. Tamra says she didn’t need to sell any more houses, and Slade responds “Because you’re sucking off everyone else.”

Tamra walks off. Gretchen says, “Oh, you made her walk off like you thought you might.”

Slade yells after her: “She sucked off Simon, she’s sucking off Eddie.”

Backstage an upset Tamra explains why she walked off “You’ve seen your kid 10 times in one year you f**king piece of shit. You’re the lowest form of shit there is in the world. I’m not gonna sit there and listen to Slade lie about how he takes care of his son. He doesn’t work. If you follow him on Twitter, every single week he’s with Gretchen somewhere, he’s doing something. He’s a shit. He’s a liar. He lies all the time, and I’m not gonna sit here, and let him degrade me because he’s a f**king liar.”

Here’s the video

Whose side are you on, Tamra or Slade?