REPORT Khloe Kardashian attacks Lamar Odom’s newest alleged girlfriend, Polina Polonsky

Kim Kardashian Baby Shower
Whisperings of infidelity in Khloe Karashian and Lamar Odom’s marriage have turned into reports of infidelity throughout the past few months. Now, Star Magazine claims to have proof of infidelity in the form of a lie detector test.

Unlike the arguably sketchy woman who last said she had a relationship with the NBA player, the newest woman to come forward is an accomplished California-based lawyer. Polina Polonsky revealed to the latest issue of Star that she first met Lamar on June 2. Coincidentally, that was the same day as Kim Kardashian’s baby show, which was the last time Khloe and Lamar were publicly pictured together (see top photo).

“I was under the impression that he had left Khloe, and that’s why he was living at the Roosevelt,” the University of Michigan and Pepperdine-educated lawyer said, noting Lamar had been staying in the posh hotel since late May. “He acted completely available and we definitely had a mutual attraction.”

Star Magazine Polina Polonsky Lamar Odom

Polonsky said she and Lamar moved relatively slowly. They first kissed on June 9 and consummated their relationship in her apartment four days later. Their relationship continued for the next few weeks, but Polonsky said Khloe wasn’t oblivious.

“Khloe charged into the room and began swinging at me,” Polonsky said of one time Khloe discovered where the lovers were hiding away. “She tried to attack me!”

Upon revealing her story to Star, Polonsky took and passed a polygraph test. Polygraph tests aren’t 100% proof that a person is telling the truth, which is why they’re not allowed in court, but they are pretty hard to beat.

Now that another woman’s claims of an affair with Lamar are out in the open, Radar Online reports Khloe is a nervous wreck — and who can blame her? These kinds of marital issues would be challenging for anyone and most people don’t have to deal with mistresses getting paid to tell all the scandalous details.

The fact that multiple women are coming out and putting their names and faces with these allegations is certainly troubling. Do you buy their stories?

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