REPORT Jenelle Evans to seek ‘major child support’ from Nathan Griffith


A report published today indicates that Jenelle Evans will be seeking to have Nathan Griffith pay her “major child support” for their son Kaiser.

A source told Radar, “Jenelle is putting the child support on Nathan. She thinks he owes her something. He was getting over $3,000 a month in 2014. It’s called ‘compensation’ for being ‘disabled’ as a result if {sp} his deployment.”

In addition, Evans is also seeking back payments from the time since the pair broke up. The source also stated that a child support hearing was scheduled for April.

Also mentioned in Radar’s report is a source claiming that Griffith got monthly compensation in the past for PTSD and a “disabling” brain injury. This last part is interesting as it’s something Evans called Griffith out for in January on Twitter.

When someone tagged Evans in a link to a local news report about Griffith trying out for the Myrtle Beach Freedom Indoor Football team, she replied with the following tweet that has since been deleted:

“Being on a football team while having TBI brain injuries from deployment, I honestly think it should be canceled. ” Both wetpaint and OK! did stories about the tweet.

There’s also this retweet from Jenelle, on the same day that the above tweet was said to have happened, which indicates the subject was discussed:


During the Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Reunion Special Part 2, Evans brought up Griffith’s injuries with Dr. Drew.

Via wetpaint, “He wants his daughter with him all the time, but his ex-wife’s parents only let her come down once a month. He has a brain injury and PTSD… He’ll wake up from a nightmare or something.”

Since the time of Evans’ now deleted tweet, Nathan has successfully made the team. Here’s Nathan Griffith’s team photo via the Freedom’s official Facebook page:

Nathan Griffith Myrtle Beach Freedom

Did Jenelle Evans make a good point? If Nathan Griffith has suffered Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from his time in service, should he be risking further injury by playing football?

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