MTV confirms Briana DeJesus joining Teen Mom 2 with after show appearance, preview clip

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MTV has finally confirmed that former Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus will be jumping franchises and joining the cast of Teen Mom 2 for the upcoming season! The confirmation of the cast addition, first reported back in March, came in the form of an appearance by Briana on the Teen Mom OG after show.

Briana joined host Nessa and kicked things off with a highlight reel from her time on Teen Mom 3, including the dramatic altercation at the Teen Mom 3 Reunion involving Briana’s ex Devoin Austin.

CLICK HERE for our interview with Briana just after the Teen Mom 3 Reunion aired!

Nessa asks Briana what it is like coming back to TV after being away five years. “It’s a little nerve racking because it has bee so long,” she says, before adding “none of this has hit me yet.”

Briana reveals that she has spoken with Teen Mom 2 cast members Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin, and Leah Messer, but that she has yet to speak with either Chelsea Houska or Jenelle Evans.

Multi-franchise Teen Mom fans might recall that Briana and Jenelle have had their differences in the past, including a feud over Jenelle sharing click bait articles about Briana on social media. Briana is asked about the spat with Jenelle, and she basically sums it up by saying it’s all in the past and hopefully it will stay there.

When asked how her Teen Mom 3 co-stars reacted to the news that Briana was joining Teen Mom 2, she says “there’s a little bit of saltiness going on right now,” referring to Mackenzie McKee’s frustrated comments to the press about MTV’s decision. (Mackenzie would later deny ever saying the things attributed to her.)

UPDATE – It seems there is STILL a bit of saltiness when it comes to Mackenzie! She tweeted these reactions after Briana’s appearance on the after show and Briana responded:

Briana also briefly mentions Alex Sekella’s statement about having no desire to return to reality television. She doesn’t mention Katie Yeager, who has been completely supportive on social media.

The very pregnant Briana also showed off her growing baby bump and reveals that she is expecting her little girl (to be named Stella) in July. The baby bump turned out to be a nice segue to our first look at the brand new season of Teen Mom 2! The clip featured Briana as she reveals to her mother Roxanne and sister Brittany that the father of her new baby has been cheating on her. Needless to say, Roxanne and Brittany are in full-on freak out mode when they hear the news!

After the clip, Briana tells Nessa that she found out about the cheating when she was six months pregnant and she seems quite emotional as she confesses that her horrible experience with her first baby’s father “is happening all over again.”

Here is a more recent photo of Briana from Instagram, taken at her baby shower for Stella:

Briana DeJesus pregnant baby shower

Later in the show, Briana is joined by her mother and sister, and it doesn’t take long to see the family dynamic that MTV was so eager to bring back.

Nessa brings up the infamous Teen Mom 3 Reunion scene in which Roxanne removes her high-heel shoe and almost throws it at Devoin. Nessa asks Roxanne if it was really her intention to hit Devoin. “That shoe would have found it’s way,” Roxanne stated flatly, clarifying that she would do anything to defend her daughters.

Roxanne is asked about her relationship with Devoin now and she shares a very touching story. Nova was three years old and had not seen her dad in a year. Roxanne says they even kept photos and everything else away from he during that time. But, when Devoin showed up, Nova recognized him instantly and ran to him for a hug.

An emotional Roxanne confesses that seeing how Nova feels towards her dad prevents her from wishing him ill will. “I never want to see him hurt or in danger because Nova loves him,” Roxanne says.

As a surprise for Briana, Nessa presents some words of advice from Teen Mom OG cast member Amber Portwood:

Always make sure to be completely honest and don’t let people tell you what to say or do. But be respectful at the same time when you’re working. Stand your ground and be you. People are going to see that and appreciate it more than anything.

The gals played some fun games testing their knowledge of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, and there was some discussion about Roxanne and Brittany’s single relationship statuses. That was pretty much it.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see Briana join the cast of Teen Mom 2? I have to confess that seeing Briana, Roxanne, and Brittany on the after show has me more pumped than I thought I’d be!

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