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Adam Lind posts custody agreement with Taylor Halbur with defensive rant

After repeatedly insisting MTV producers don't give him a fair shake on the show, Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind continues to defend himself on social media. In his latest post he shared (and then deleted) part of his custody agreement with Taylor Halbur, the mother of his daughter Paislee. In the description, he once again goes off on Chelsea for asking for more child support despite her ability to shell out $5,000 for her lawyer's retainer.

EXCLUSIVE Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind arrested again

After staying out of jail for an impressive (for his standards) three and a half months, Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind found himself back behind bars yesterday after being arrested on a warrant for Failure to Appear in South Dakota.   UPDATE - We've since learned that the arrest went down at the end of a court hearing in which Adam was asking for unsupervised visitation with Aubree!

Taylor Halbur reveals why she kept pregnancy secret, defends Adam Lind

Taylor Halbur’s pregnancy was recently revealed during one of Adam Lind’s court appearance. Adam’s lawyer announced the news to the judge while trying to keep the Teen Mom 2 star out of jail, but at the time, it was the first anyone had heard of it. Now, Taylor is speaking out about why she kept her pregnancy secret for so long and defending her boyfriend’s bad boy reputation.