PHOTOS – Spencer Pratt crashes The Hills finale party dressed as an old man

Aspiring crazy person Spencer Pratt wasn’t invited to The Hills series finale party tonight, but he conspired with his buddy Perez Hilton for a way to get some attention anyway.

Perez, who was invited to the party, suggested that Pratt show up on the sidewalk dressed like an old man.

And that, indeed, is what happened. He managed to attract a small crowd who were eager to take his photo (or maybe they were there for Perez?). His sort-of ex-wife Heidi Montag also wasn’t invited, and didn’t show up.

If you combine this shenagan with his raging Twitter account and new pop culture blog, he seems to be turning into a low-rent versions of Joaquin Phoneix and Tila Tequila (who is also now supposedly running a gossip blog).