Kendall Jenner is “mortified” that her mother keeps trying to set her up on dates

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In light of recent speculation that Kendall Jenner and kinda, sorta flame Lewis Hamilton were about to blow out the candle of their grand dating experiment, and even more recent speculation that KJ and Nick Jonas are an item comes the following revelation: Kendall Jenner would like her mother to stop trying to set her up on dates, please.

Kris Jenner tried “desperately” to set Kendall up with Zayn Malik at little sister Kylie’s recent 18th birthday soirée. According to family friends, it was Kris who invited Zayn to the party–not Kylie herself, as had been widely reported–and who tried to bring them together during the event.

It goes without saying that “Quite Shy” Kendall was not amused.

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“Kendall is actually quite shy and was mortified at her mum being so obvious,” said one friend, “but eventually she relaxed and was talking to Zayn just the two of them.

“Khloe Kardashian and some friends joined them and clearly Zayn was feeling more confident so he put his arm around her. She looked very surprised at first but she relaxed and put both her arms around his waist.”

That wasn’t the end of Kris’ doins, though. Following Kylie’s party, the family took a trip down Mexico way. Kris nearly spoiled it for Kendall by refusing to let up about Zayn: “They swapped numbers and Kris has been on Kendall’s case while she’s been on holiday in Mexico, encouraging her to keep in contact with him.”

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It’s been a busy summer for Kendall Jenner. She got a tattoo on her middle finger before toying with a nipple ring and scoring the most-liked Instagram photo of all time. Is her love life now focused in one direction? It is if Kris has anything to say about it…  

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