PHOTOS There’s no denying Kim Kardashian’s throwback Instagram is Photoshopped

Kim Kardashian - E! 20th Anniversary

When we wrote about Kim Kardashian’s throwback photo to “the skinny days,” we overlooked one glaring fact… That’s not even what she looked like back in said “skinny days!”

Here’s the original picture from The E! 20th Anniversary Party in May 2010.

And here’s the picture she posted to Instagram on Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.01.07 AM

At first glance, the differences are easy to overlook because the image is flipped. But, when compared side-by-side, it’s apparent that some heavy edits were made.

Kim Kardashian Photoshopped Instagram

A. The arch of her nose is shaved down.
B. Her boobs are perkier.
C. The back of her arm is slightly trimmed.
D. The zipper on the dress is erased and the fabric is smoothed.
E. Her tummy is slimmer.
F. The back of her leg is smoothed and a small blemish is gone.
Bonus: Her earring is even smaller. You think she would do the opposite…

Considering Kim has a history of lifting pictures straight from Google, it’s possible the image was Photoshopped by someone else and Kim didn’t notice. But, also considering she and Kanye spent much of their honeymoon editing a single Instagram photo, it’s hard to imagine she didn’t spend a good amount of time analyzing the picture.

Either way, the good news for Kim is that she looks just about as trim now (one year post-baby) as she did in 2010.

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