The somber 2011 Kardashian/Jenner Khristmas Kard is available in 3-D

In case we haven’t all seen enough of the Kardashians this year, their 2011 Holiday Card in available in 3-D (as well as the 2-D version you see above.)

The whole klan is there (except for Brody Jenner and his girl Avril Lavigne, who never really get sucked into the Kardashian/Jenner entertainment machine) with Khloe and Kourtney standing by their men Lamar and Scott (and with baby Mason,) while Kim stands starkly alone in her sequined tuxedo jacket. Kendall and Kylie Jenner pose together, Rob Kardashian is off to the side looking back at the family, and, of course, Kris and Bruce Jenner are in the middle with Kris wearing the only pop of color (a sparkly teal, body-hugging number.) Everyone’s wearing bow-ties doing their best somber faces. What’s with all the Adams Family inspiration every year? Aren’t the holidays supposed to be fun? Aren’t there supposed to be ugly sweaters and presents and silly, goofiness?

We know everyone’s sad because Kim’s marriage ended up being the PR nightmare of the year, but it also skyrocketed her fame. Time will tell if the Kardashians will fizzle out, or just come back stronger in 2012, but it seems like they’ll probably just get more rich because so many people just love to hate them (and there are still so many who just love them to death, or have certain favorites that they root for.) Plus, Kris Jenner will fight for the Kardashian brand until her last breath. So, with that in mind, would it kill them to crack a smile on their Christmas card?

Kim posted this on her blog about the photo:

Here it is! Our 2011 Kardashian/Jenner family Christmas card!!! It was shot by the amazing Nick Saglimbeni and there’s a special 3D version that you can view with 3D glasses. What do you guys think?

I love our family Christmas cards shoots and I think this one looks amazing!

They should start offering their reality shows in 3-D so the formulaic sit-coms plots can just pop out at us! We can feel like we’re really there when there’s a made-up conflict that ultimately gets resolved.

In other K/J news, Kendall Jenner’s Sweet 16 birthday party special airs tonight @ 10 on E! Will you be watching?

PHOTO: Nick Saglimbeni/

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