Jinger Vuolo says daughter is in ‘Christian Hybrid’ school. Here’s what it means.

Counting On star Jinger Vuolo revealed during an AMA that her daughter Felicity is currently participating in Christian Hybrid school So are her kids homeschooled or learning in a classroom? What are her plans for the future?

We explain what’s going on, here…

Jinger Vuolo 

Jinger Vuolo was the first “rebel Duggar,” dating back to the early internet when the “Free Jinger” movement advocated for the free spirited Fundie to “escape” from her strict upbringing. When Vuolo released her critical tell-all memoir, she acknowledged the online sentiment with the title Becoming Free Indeed.

19 Kids and Counting parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raised their 19 children to follow the Institute in Basic Life Principles which promotes chastity, purity, modesty and homeschooling.

Duggar schooling

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her siblings grew up homeschooled by mother Michelle Duggar who followed the teachings of the Advanced Training Institute. During the Duggar’s schooling they learned practical Christian approaches for each topic instead of traditional learning.

Jill Dillard’s husband Derrick has since spoken out saying he believes the kids didn’t get more than a “middle school” education.

Two more Duggars are graduating from controversial ATI homeschool program

So far, despite their critical opinions towards their upbringing, Jessa and Joy-Anna have both admitted to choosing homeschool. Jill currently has her son enrolled in public school, the first Duggar to do so. Jinger Vuolo’s learning plan for her kids is a little less straight forward…

Christian Hybrid learning

During an Instagram AMA, Jinger answered questions about how she plans to educate her kids. Her answer has some fans confused. The Counting On star said that daughter Felicity is currently participating in “Christian hybrid” school.

What is Christian hybrid? Turns out that it is a little mix of Duggar with a little taste of the conventional. Christian hybrid students typically spend a few days in a religious in-person classroom and spend some days at school learning online or from training manuals.

As for the future, Jinger says that she and her husband Jeremy have discussed private Christian school but are taking it “one year at a time.”

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