MY 600 LB LIFE June McCamey’s astonishing weight loss comes from unshakeable faith

It turns out that the first My 600 Lb Life June episode was merely the beginning of one of the biggest physical transformations in the show’s history. When viewers first met June McCamey during Season 4, they found a woman who felt “imprisoned” in her own body, and who relied upon Sadi, her lover, for help with almost every physical activity.

“I have three seats,” June explained. “The bed. The bathroom toilet, and my chair. My world is confined. I feel suffocated….I feel like I’m going from a bed coffin to a chair coffin.”

However, June initially met with great weight loss success: she went from 590 pounds (odd though it may sound, June was one of the lightest participants in the show’s history) to a much healthier 242. The problem then was a comparatively good one to have: June was dying to have her excess skin removed, but was still just a bit too heavy for Dr. Now to green-light the procedure:

Last spring’s follow-up My 600 Lb Life June episode revealed that her weight loss had, with a few fluctuations, continued. But the ongoing stress of coping with the death of Kenneth, her 17-year-old son, remained a mental burden with real physical consequences. So June began seeing a therapist, and allowing herself to mourn without feeling guilt over what Kenneth would think of her weight.

Since June’s follow-up episode aired, she’s offered regular photo updates on social media. Thanks to My 600 Lb Life‘s strict nondisclosure guidelines, June remains unable to talk about her weight or filming schedule — but it doesn’t take a genius to tell that all of the changes in June’s life have made her healthier than ever.

Here’s one update June offered from last October, in which she celebrated losing at least 300 pounds. A closer look at the two photos June shared, though, appears to show an even greater weight loss than the figure she’s touting, which is simply the last one made public in the My 600 Lb Life June episode:

And it looks like she’s lost even more weight in the two months between that update and this pic she shared in December — the last one she’s made public:

Judging by June’s more frequent positive reinforcement updates, she feels like she’s got a little something extra on her side. June’s posts always contain references to God, faith, and self-confidence; she seems sure of herself without being pushy, and is always quick to thank fans when they reach out.

Whatever June’s actual weight loss, she looks great and seems to feel even better. You can rewatch her initial My 600 Lb Life episode here.

(Photo credits: My 600 Lb Life June via Facebook)

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