PHOTO Man gets a ‘Mets World-Champs’ tattoo, Mets go on to lose World Series

Mets Tweet 3

Everyone knows there are some things you just shouldn’t tattoo on your body. New York Mets fan Josh Davis, though, has opened up a new realm of regretful tattoo decisions.

Davis is a huge Mets fan, and, when the team beat the Cubs to make it to the World Series, he was hoping for the big win. The 22-year-old was so confident the Mets would triumph in the Series that he was willing to get inked to prove it.

During game one of the World Series, Josh headed into a tattoo parlor, sure of great things to come. He tweeted, “Bout to make a bit of a risky move with my New York Mets”; then, later, tweeted, “Watching the first pitch while getting a met tattoo.”

Mets Tweet

And get a tattoo he did. A rather big one, in fact, proudly declaring the Mets would become World Series champs:

Mets Tweet 2

His buddy Kevin, who tweeted out a picture of the tattoo, summed it up perfectly when he asked, “Too soon?”

Unfortunately for Josh, the Mets ended up losing the series to the Kansas City Royals just five days later.

In an interview with NBC New York, Davis explains he isn’t fretting about the incorrect tattoo and is actually planning to add the years the Mets did win the World Series: 1969 and 1986. And, if all goes well next year, Josh hopes to turn the 5 into a 6.