FAMILY CHANTEL Scott Wern bankruptcy update, sells FL house, moves to NYC, plans to be an actor

The Family Chantel Scott Wern updates on bankruptcy, new job, moving to New York City, girlfriend, dream of being an actor

90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise and The Family Chantel star Scott Wern is making big moves! Literally!

In the past few months, the 52-year-old reality star has been through A LOT. He sold his house, completed his fourth bankruptcy filing, made plans to move to Colombia to be with ex Lis, started dating someone in Florida, broke up with that someone, moved to New York City, started a new job as a respiratory therapist, returned to TLC on The Family Chantel, and got into a feud with his Love In Paradise co-star Daniele Gates involving police and at least one alleged death threat.

Scott Wern bankruptcy update

Despite what appeared to be numerous red flags, Scott Wern’s fourth bankruptcy went through and was closed on October 31.

Scott filed on July 26. He listed his total liabilities as $539,399.75, including just over $45,000 in tax debt and more than $77,000 in credit card debt.

Scott has claimed online that a major reason he had to file was because the ischemic stroke he suffered in July of 2022 made him unable to do his job. However, he listed his 2022 gross income as $140,330.00, which was very similar to his 2021 gross income of $149,068.00.

Scott’s inability to do his job didn’t prevent him from accepting a respiratory therapist job at a hospital in Fort Myers in March of this year. Scott received more than $19,000 in hiring and relocation incentives.

After attending orientation and cashing his incentives, Scott ghosted the hospital and kept the money. The hospital sued him. Here’s an excerpt from the lawsuit:

After attending the two days of orientation and education and doing an additional 2 hours of off-site education and receiving his check, he did not come to work and Lee Health has been unable to contact him. On April 14, 2023, Wern deposited the check with the Hiring Incentive Payments.

Scott’s monetary woes and inability to work also didn’t prevent him from racking up additional credit card debt by flying all over the world making it rain on potential suitors.

For those of you who are curious about Scott’s previous bankruptcy filings, he filed individually in 1992, then he and his now-ex-wife filed jointly in 2005. Since that filing, Scott has been on a nine-year cycle. He filed in 2014 and in 2023.

Scott sells his Florida house

Scott is a seasoned expert at filing for bankruptcy, so of course he had a plan to get some cash after his most recent filing. Scott purchased a new house in Spring Hill, Florida in August of 2021. The purchase price was just under $295,000.

The home purchase was seven years after his previous bankruptcy filing, so I assume that was enough time for the bankruptcy to fall off his credit report and allow him to qualify for a mortgage.

Buying a property soon before filing for bankruptcy seems wise because you can opt to exclude the mortgage from your filing and then sell the house immediately after the bankruptcy goes through to cash out on your equity. That is exactly what Scott did.

A couple months after filing for bankruptcy, Scott listed his house for sale for $360,000. It seems the price was a bit high, and the price was reduced a few times over the next couple months. The house sold for $320,000 in mid-October.

One week after Scott’s bankruptcy was finalized, he closed on his house. He packed all his things and headed off to start his next nine-year cycle in New York City!

Based on his bankruptcy filing, it appears Scott still owed $264,097.00 on the property. If we assume Scott was out of pocket 8% for real estate agents and closing costs, that would leave him with roughly $30,000 cash.

Scott starts new job in New York City

Scott’s inability to work after his stroke magically disappeared as soon as his bankruptcy looked like it was going to go through. He accepted a job as a respiratory therapist in New York City and was scheduled to start soon after his house closed.

The reality star has moved into a small apartment in Staten Island with his dog, Ali. He recently shared a list of his life goals over the next few years. (The list doesn’t quite reach Scott’s next bankruptcy filing in 2032.)

90 Day Fiance Scott Wern in planning on becoming an actor

Yes, Scott hopes to pursue a career in acting.

Here is Scott’s caption for the list:

I’ll share my notes in my phone. I don’t believe in surrender, I’m relentless and always have short and long term goals. People will laugh and this is my plan. I’ll be vulnerable and love my followers to share their plan with me. I push you push me! We are a team and there is no “ I” in team 💪 # team Scotty 💕🙏🏻

Scott is already working towards his dream of becoming an actor by hoping to capitalize on the fact that his haters often claim he looks like he is from Whoville:

Scott Wern is single

Just prior to leaving Florida, Scott broke things off with his girlfriend there. That was after he canceled his announced plans to move to Colombia to be with his ex, Lis. So, 90 Day Fiance fans can likely expect to see him on The Single Life soon!

Meanwhile, you can tune in to The Family Chantel to see the highly anticipated fight between eScott and Pedro!

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