LHHATL Tommie’s wine line has her friends worried: Is she an alcoholic?

LHHATL Tommie's wine 2

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Tommie made a name for herself last season as a hard-partying, hard-driving new addition to the cast, someone who’s always ready for a good time and always willing to throw down when she feels she’s being disrespected. So it made sense for the show to slow down and focus on allegations of Tommie’s drinking problems this year: by her own admission, every high-profile arrest, brawl, or sexcapade over the past few years has come when she’s drunk.

Thus, Tommie’s decision to get into the wine-making business a few months ago raised a few eyebrows among some of her allies on the LHHATL cast. Even Karen King, whose own legal woes are legendary, couldn’t keep quiet regarding what might be a very bad idea:

“That don’t make no kinda sense,” Karen says upon hearing about Tommie’s plans. Plus, Karen is one of the only cast members willing to use the word “alcoholism” around Tommie. Hopefully, her words of caution will help Tommie slow down and acknowledge whether or not she truly has a drinking problem–and whether this particular business venture is the best way for her to, in her own words, “make a boss move.”

It is worth pointing out that Tommie’s wine has made fewer and fewer appearances in her social media feeds over the past few weeks. She was pushing the brand hard back in February and early March, as the build-up to LHHATL Season 6 intensified; since the show began airing, though, she’s only dropped in the occasional plug:

Of course, it’s also possible that Tommie is done laying her own promotional foundation, and is currently in the middle of the more mundane parts of making boss moves. (We doubt anyone could make distribution maps and marketing strategies sexy and fun.)

Whatever her ultimate intentions, hopefully Tommie does the healthiest thing for herself, and ensures that she’ll be a big part of LHHATL Season 7.

(Photo credits: LHHATL Tommie’s wine via Instagram)

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