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Who is Shine from Black Ink Chicago? (And did he get with Lily?)

9Mag has a new guest artist, and he makes quite an impression on his first day in the shop. But who is Shine from Black Ink Chicago? More importantly, did he get with Lily after the two of them made it clear it's what they both wanted? Read on to find out more about Shine, including his tragic upbringing and inspirational story -- and, of course, his incredible tattoos.

BLACK INK CREW CHICAGO Phor Brumfield’s full nude video and pics leak online

Phor Brumfield has gone the Safaree route thanks to a leaked cell phone video featuring the Black Ink Crew Chicago star in all his full-frontal glory. Read on for the full Phor nude video, plus, for good measure, a alleged photo of Phor's fully erect member, which appeared to leak in response to criticism of Phor's less-than-impressive soft stature.

BLACK INK CREW CHICAGO Don’s Season 1 cheating spawns baby mama drama for Season 2

Black Ink Crew Chicago's Don cheated on fiancé Ashley Pickens during the show's first season, and their relationship drama was a focal point of his storyline. Season 2, then, will focus on the fallout from that affair: namely, the child that it produced, and Don coming to terms with his unexpected fatherhood. Though he found out about his daughter via some baby mama shade-throwing on Instagram, the results of the paternity test can't be ignored...

Black Ink Crew Chicago cast adds Don’s baby mama Ashley for Season 2

The Black Ink Crew Chicago cast is bigger by one for Season 2: Ashley Pickens, Don's baby mama, has been officially added to the show following the pair's engagement. Though many fans were shocked that Ashley stayed with Don despite his cheating ways last year, Ashley recently addressed she and Don's relationship–and sounded much more positive than you might expect.

Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 2: Kat Jackson teases expectations (& lingerie photos)

Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 2 is officially happening–and Kat Jackson has even more details about what to expect. For the second time this week, the show's breakout star gave an interview teasing information about the new season; only, this time, Kat immediately turned around and dropped an Instagram post suggesting we can find her modeling lingerie in the near future! Read on for the details & photos!

Did Black Ink Crew Chicago get canceled? Kat Jackson reveals show’s fate

Did Black Ink Crew Chicago get canceled? Fans of the popular Black Ink Crew spinoff have been clamoring for more information about the 9mag artists ever since #BICC Season 1 ended last December. Fortunately, we now have an answer about whether or not there will be a Season 2, thanks to a brand-new interview from Kat Jackson. Read on to see what she had to say, and to check out some of the shop's finest work!