LHHATL New Karen King arrest details emerge as sentencing speculation swirls

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New Karen King arrest details–and more concrete sentencing possibilities–have emerged in the wake of Karen’s May arrest for shoplifting and credit card fraud. The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star was booked on three charges (which also included identity theft) following her May arrest at an Atlanta Saks Fifth Avenue. While awaiting the latest word from authorities, Karen has taken her case to the court of social media, but it’s uncertain how much fan support she’s been able to garner.

As we reported several weeks ago, Karen and a Saks employee were arrested on a series of charges related to an alleged credit card fraud and identity theft ring the pair were running out of the store. Karen got caught making approximately $5,000 in purchases under someone else’s name, and allegedly coming back to the store later to return some of the purchases and split the money with the employee. At the time, it looked like Karen could be facing a sentence of approximately 30 years: of her three crimes, the identity theft and credit card fraud charges were by far the most serious; each carry a maximum penalty of fifteen years under Georgia law.

Now, a new report suggests that a 30-year sentence might be less likely than previously thought–but that Karen could still be headed to prison for approximately three years. TMZ reports that the Fulton County DA has declined the shoplifting charge against Karen in favor of one count of “financial identity fraud” and two counts of “credit card,” and that “each count carries a sentence of a year behind bars if [Karen] is convicted.”

For her part, Karen has remained resolute on social media. She’s adapted the hashtag #pleasedontcallthepolice, and begun using it as a rallying cry for her cause:

Gracefully displayed #pleasedontcallthepolice and #letmelive and if u hate me #chokeonmyname

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