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VIDEO LHH Houston canceled? Jhonni Blaze creates fresh drama for upcoming show

Given all the LHH Houston canceled rumors flying over the past few months–and one report suggesting that the show's production had shut down completely for an indefinite period–you could be forgiven for forgetting that the show existed, let alone that it's still being filmed. If new cast member Jhonni Blaze is any indication, though, we can expect some seriously high-octane drama from the first season of the newest member of the Love & Hip Hop family! Read on for details about Jhonni's doins, including a controversial new element to her stripping career!

LHH Houston cast member Jhonni Blaze hospitalized following suicide attempt

Two new reports bring troubling news of a Jhonni Blaze suicide attempt from Houston, possibly while Blaze was in the middle of filming scenes for her forthcoming series Love & Hip Hop Houston. Though details remain slim, read on to find out what's being reported so far, and to see what might be a social media response from Jhonni herself.

REPORT Love and Hip Hop Houston not canceled despite alleged gunfight

Was Love & Hip Hop Houston canceled? For a moment, it looked like the newest entry in the LHH series had been axed, thanks to reports of a gunfight on set, and a string of rumors that new star Just Brittany had been injured in the possible melee. However, Just herself took to social media to shoot down those reports, along with related rumors that her beef with Jhonni Blaze was the cause of it all. Read on to see what really went down!