VIDEO – Taylor Armstrong looks healthy, speaks out about abuse, husband’s suicide, and Kim Richards’ rehab

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong has been through the ringer this year, when she separated from her husband Russell Armstrong, spoke out about him abusing her, and then dealt with his suicide this August.

Since that tragedy, Taylor has been picking up the pieces from the settling dust, and trying to help her and Russell’s five-year-old daughter Kennedy process terrible situation. After a particularly gut-wrenching episode featuring a too-thin, drunk, paranoid, and hysterical Taylor; a healthy-looking, well-spoken, charming, and strong Taylor sat down with Andy Cohen (@BravoAndy) on Watch What Happens Live for an intense interview.

Taylor has gained at least ten pounds, she says because of a lack of anxiety and dealing with her Post Traumatic Stress disorder. Her hair also looks much more thick and healthy.

The media blew up when news hit that Russell had committed suicide, with many people blaming Bravo and reality television in general for Russell’s death. Taylor has said that the opposite may be true; claiming that the reality television cameras helped curb the disturbing amount of physical violence that occurred in their relationship. She even told KTLA-TV in Los Angeles that if it were not for being filmed she may have been a victim of a murder-suicide, leaving Kennedy without both of her parents.

Taylor is also writing a book about her abusive experiences with Russell, another ex, and the abuse that occurred in her home when she was a child called Hiding from Reality. There are some “haters” who chastise Taylor for speaking openly about her abusive relationship with the now-deceased and writing a book, but domestic abuse is a horrible and deadly situation. If Taylor helps just one person get out of a terrifying relationship and learn how to be more healthy, then it’s worth Taylor speaking out.

Taylor was honest and open with Andy, and even funny. Because she no longer has anything to hide, or to fear, she no longer has a nervous, or fake affect that she always seem to have in previous interviews.

She said that in last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills she was drunk and scared because at that point Camille Grammer had revealed on camera that Russell was abusing Taylor, that he beat her and broke her jaw. Taylor was scared for the life of herself and Kennedy because that information had now been documented, and would soon air on television. She described it as living her life carrying around a boiling pot that was starting to boil over, and there was nothing she could do. During that desperate time, she took her frustration out on Camille, but now she says there are no hard feelings because she knows Camille and the other girls were confused about what to do; and really just wanted to help her.

About Kim Richards’ latest rehab stint, Taylor said that she loved Kim and supported her adding: “If she’s getting healthy, what more could we ask?”

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