PHOTOS Here’s how Lashanta from My 600 Lb Life looks now

Lashanta from My 600 Lb Life 1

Lashanta White was initially one of the most combative and defiant members of the My 600 Lb Life Season 7 cast. Her refusal to take Dr. Nowzaradan’s advice (and her infamous stashing of fried chicken between her breasts) earned her plenty of viewer ire. But how is Lashanta from My 600 Lb Life now? And has she continued to make strides since the end of filming?

Lashanta, a Louisiana native, was at a peak weight of nearly 700 pounds when her episode began. She almost didn’t make to to Dr. Nowzaradan’s Houston offices, though, when she suffered an early and humiliating string of defeats looking for someone to assist her during the trip. Perhaps the lowest point of the early episode came when Lashanta broke down in tears following her boyfriend’s abrupt breakup with her:

After making it to Houston, Lashanta was dismayed to discover that she couldn’t be approved for weight loss surgery right away. Between her introduction to Dr. Now and their comparatively more respectful parting, Lashanta definitely tested her would-be surgeon’s patience. Lashanta’s manipulative ways and constant excuses had her facing serious consequences — but, by episode’s end, she had lost 133 pounds. Lashanta even managed to get conditional approval for weight loss surgery, with Dr. Now telling her she could undergo the procedure “Once [she was] able to get up and walk.”

And Lashanta from My 600 Lb Life now? It looks like she may still be on a healthier path, if the latest photos she’s shared are any indication. The first of the pair is from just a week ago, not long after Lashonta’s debut episode aired:

Lashanta from My 600 Lb Life 2

And the very most recent came only four days ago. It’s safe to say that Lashonta is rocking a determined face in both pics:

Lashanta from My 600 Lb Life 3

So far, Lashonta hasn’t revealed whether or not she’ll be filming a Where Are They Now? follow-up. We have learned, though, that she’s left Houston behind for her native Louisiana; Lashonta currently calls New Orleans home. She’s also just launched an official Facebook page for viewers to follow along with her weight loss journey.

Lashanta’s full My 600 Lb Life debut is now available for streaming, via TLC.

(Photo credits: Lashanta from My 600 Lb Life via TLC, Facebook)

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