PHOTOS Jenelle Evans visits Dr. Miami for chin consultation

Jenelle Evans Dr. Miami

Less than a week after her Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry underwent multiple plastic surgery operations with Dr. Miami, Jenelle Evans was in Miami to consult with Dr. SnapChat about having her chin done!

Dr. Miami introduces Jenelle (and her beau David Eason) in yet another of his seemingly endless stream of SnapChat clips and asks what she is there for. “I’m here to get my chin looked at because I think it’s too pointy,” Jenelle says.

As Dr. Miami inspects Jenelle’s chin he reveals that the “ideal” chin for a woman is supposed to just barely extend beyond the bottom lip in profile when smiling, and be even with the bottom lip when not smiling.

Jenelle Evans chin plastic surgery Dr. Miami

Dr. Miami seems to agree with Jenelle’s opinion. “See, you’re not crazy,” he says.

The doc says that procedures to reduce the profile of a chin are actually quite common, but it’s not something he usually does. So he tells Jenelle that he will refer her to a good maxillofacial surgeon.

Few reality stars have quite as many fervent detractors as are enlisted in the Jenelle Hater Army, and one of the things these soldiers often use to attack Jenelle with is her chin. I can certainly understand why she would be self-conscious about it at this point. But what do you think? Does she really need plastic surgery?

On a side note, I had to wade through four nipples being sliced and sewn back on in order to get to the Jenelle consultation. Is there a Pulitzer Prize for Teen Mom coverage? (I still can’t get the image of Kail’s “booty cheese” out of my head.)

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