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FAMILY BY THE TON How is Amanda now? (Before and After 500-lb weight loss)

It’s been two years since Family by the Ton Season 2 aired featuring the weight loss struggles of the King Family. For family member, Amanda, losing weight was a matter between life-and-death as she had been diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2016, but she couldn’t start receiving cancer treatment until she reduced her weight to a less dangerous level. At the time, her weight was more of a threat to her life than the cancer.

FAMILY BY THE TON Amanda cancer and health update: ‘Finally…a future worth fighting for’

It’s been a long, hard journey for Amanda Johnson from Family By The Ton — and it’s not over yet — but it sounds like Amanda has renewed resolve to overcome whatever happens next. The latest Family By The Ton Amanda update sees the 37-year-old offering some good news, as well as a few beautiful new pics! Keep reading for the latest!

What happened to Family By The Ton? Season 2 sneak peek, weight loss updates

The first season of their My 600 Lb Life spin-off was a weight loss success -- so what's happened to Family By The Ton since then? Fortunately, we can confirm that Chitoka, Naomi, and Drew will be back on the air for Season 2 of their show before too long. And they've got more good news to share! Read on for their latest weight loss pics, plus the likely Season 2 premiere date!

Family By The Ton Season 2 confirmed: New photos & weight loss updates for Drew, Naomi, and Chitoka

My 600 Lb Life offshoot Family By The Ton was a sleeper hit for TLC earlier this year, but there hadn't been many updates from Naomi, Drew, and Chitoka since the Season 1 finale. Fortunately, we can now confirm that Family By The Ton Season 2 has been filming for months, and is likely to premiere in early 2019! Read on for the details!

VIDEOS New TLC series Family By the Ton documents 3 Georgia cousins weighing almost 2,000 lbs

TLC's extreme weight loss series My 600 Pound Life returns for its sixth season on January 10, and it will be followed by a brand new show in a similar vein. Family By the Ton is a three-for-one version of My 600 Pound Life as it follows the story of three Georgia cousins whose combined weight is nearly 2,000 pounds. Keep reading to watch the preview trailers for both shows!