Kim Kardashian doesn’t think we could handle her schedule

Kim Kardashian Selfish Book Signing

Helpful tip in case you ever meet Kim Kardashian: Don’t ask what she does.

“I get more fed up with questions like — I was travelling recently and I was doing a press day and people were like, ‘How do you feel when people say what do you do?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m here working aren’t I? Like, I’m here to promote something,'” she told Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush this week. “I said, ‘Hey why don’t you do this: Tell someone else that you think can do it. Tell them to do everything that I’ve done in my career and see if they end up where I’m at. Try it. Just try it. I dare you.'”

Between clothing lines, press tours, her mobile app, photoshoots and the days she devotes to editing Instagram pictures, there’s no denying that Kim maintains a grueling workload. (We’ve argued in the past that she is absolutely deserving of her fame, due in large part to her hard work.) Still, she admitted to occasionally taking the time to read comments on her social media accounts — including quips from her critics.

“I find it so weird that people follow you just to be negative,” she said, adding she normally lets the rude comments slide, but puts her foot down when it relates to North. “I will block someone if they say something negative about my daughter.”

Despite all that goes on in her life, Kim said she and her siblings actually think their lives are pretty boring. (Riiiight.) For that reason, she’s not sure how long Keeping Up With the Kardashians will continue.

“Every time we’re like, ‘OK our contracts are up… we’re not exciting, there’s nothing to share,'” Kim said. “And then there are things where we feel like there has got to be other people going through what we’re going through and why don’t we just continue doing it while we’re having fun. It’s still fun.”

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