K. Michelle says Idris Elba gives ‘amazing’ head, is also a gentleman

K Michelle and Idris Elba

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood headliner K. Michelle recently spoke on record about some of the famous men she’s dated — and in addition to LeSean McCoy, her rarely discussed fling with Idris Elba came up. And the best thing about a K Michelle and Idris Elba sandwich, according to the star herself, is the “amazing head” Idris gives. (Which, whether it’s true or not, is simply one more reason to cast the man as James Bond already.)

K Michelle revealed this and other scintillating details from her sex life in a new Hollywood Unlocked interview with her former Love & Hip Hop castmate Jason Lee. The topic appeared to be a welcome break for Kimberly, who’s been dealing with a LHHH storyline partly involving her still-active ban from Radio One. The stories about K Michelle and Idris Elba had largely been gossip — or outright forgotten — since the last time she brought the matter up was during a Breakfast Club interview in December of 2014.

But Lee didn’t hold back with his questions, and K Michelle didn’t stop pouring her own tea. Here’s how she described the first time she met Idris, whose gentlemanly ways charmed her after he mistakenly thought she was dating the rapper Wale:

I was at Soul Train and I hear this accent say, “K. Michelle you’re beautiful.” I told [Idris] to his face, “Your jeans too tight and your accent funny.” He did the sweetest thing ever, he dedicated to me “Never trust a big butt and a smile.” I didn’t give him my number, my bodyguard did. He texted me and said “I’m going to this party” and I said “I’m going too.” So I went to this party with Wale but me and Wale are like brother and sister. [Idris] said “Ouch but not out” because he thought I was with Wale. [Then] he went out to L.A. and I went to L.A. and that was just history.

K. Michell went on to say that “Out of every relationship I’ve been in, I learned the most from [Idris].” She called him a “gentleman” and said he’s “very supportive.”

“But I heard,” Lee responds, “the sex was wack.”

“Um, no,” K. Michelle says. “Like, amazing head. Oh, oh Jason! It was good! Good! Yeah, I remember that head. Yeah.”

Here’s the full interview — the “amazing head” exchange begins at about 11:45, if you’re looking to skip ahead (ahem):

Elsewhere in the far-reaching talk, K. Michelle says she briefly dated star NFL running back LeSean McCoy; her most prominent memory of him was when he told her, very early on, that his biggest weakness is “he c*ms too quick.” And she said that Chad Ochocinco’s penis was the biggest she’d ever seen — so big, in fact, that she refused to have sex with him.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 continues Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

(Photo credits: K Michelle and Idris Elba via Instagram, SplashNews.com)

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