Idris Elba responds to James Bond speculation with cheeky retort

Bond Fonz


Idris Elba has responded to the furor over a black James Bond like a truly classy fellow. Earlier this week, Rush Limbaugh continued his break with logic and took to the airwaves to decry the idea of a black Bond. Limbaugh’s tantrum came in the wake of the revelation, brought to us by the Sony Hack Attack (#SonyHackAttack) that Sony exec Amy Pascal thinks Elba should take over playing Bond once Daniel Craig finishes his time in the character’s magnificently-tailored suit.

Silent throughout all of the furor–probably because it was Christmas, and he was otherwise occupied–was Idris Elba himself. Today, though, I-Elb took to Twitter and deflated the whole goofball scenario with one fell Tweet:


Well-played, sir. The high ground is yours. Though, given that R-Limb was on the other side of this particular “argument,” the high ground was pretty much always going to be yours.

By the by: Though both parties have expressed great interest, so far, reports of an Elba / Henry Winkler crime-fighting-and-cool-cat-being project entitled “Bondie and the Fonz” remain unfounded. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.


(Photo Credits: WENN / Idris Elba)

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