AUDIO Amina Buddafly likely done with LHHNY, considering a jump to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood instead

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A new interview with Love & Hip Hop‘s Amina Buddafly all but confirms the rumors that have been surrounding herself and estranged spouse Peter Gunz for weeks, and has fans wondering: Did Amina Buddafly quit LHHNY? Amina appeared on The Domenick Nati Show to promote her new memoir and her upcoming LHHNY episodes, and made headlines for calling Yandy Smith-Harris’ storyline “boring” this year. But the bigger news came elsewhere in the chat, when Amina suggested that, while she’s basically had it with Love & Hip Hop New York, there is one other VH1 show she might be willing to hook up with.

Amina acknowledged that her time on LHHNY this season has been “a little bit limited,” mostly because of her separation from Peter and move out to the West Coast at the end of Season 6. “I kind of didn’t want to do the show again,” she admitted. But did confirm that she will appear in Season 7: “You are gonna see me, maybe a couple times–I’m in, like, three scenes.” Given that we know Amina appears in the upcoming episode, it might be possible to deduce how often she’ll appear in the remaining episodes by whether or not she only has one scene tonight.

Most tantalizingly, Amina appeared to confirm that her appearances this season will be her last on the show. “You are gonna see, kind of, the conclusion of [mine and Peter’s] storyline,” Amina said. “We also filmed the reunion…two weeks ago, so I was there too. So you’re gonna see me, a little bit.”

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And Amina perked up noticeably when Domenick asked whether or not she’d be open to appearing on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, now that she lives in Los Angeles. “I don’t know!” said Amina, her voice rising out of the low register she’d been using to talk about Peter. “We would have to wait and see. I mean, nothing…yet. But I’m friends with some of the girls, so I wouldn’t say no. It all depends on how they would include me. Like, I don’t want to be having to date somebody new; I’m not there yet.

“But I’m not against it,” Amina went on. “I’m friends with Moniece; I’m friends with Nia and Teairra Mari; I hang out with them sometimes. Who knows?”

Here’s Amina’s full interview with Domenick Nati:

Shortly after the interview went live, Amina shared a potentially telling meme on her Instagram page, one that would again seem to suggest she’s had enough of Peter and is ready to move on. But LHHNY devoteés will recall that it was around this time last year that Amina, after finding out Peter had gotten Tara pregnant, said he she still considered him a good man and wasn’t ready to close the book on her time with him.

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In related news, Peter Gunz is finally over the flu he and Tara Wallace miraculously managed to catch at the exact same time 😉

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Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 continues Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

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