VIDEO LHHH Masika Kalysha explains the origins of her baby’s name, begins to exert her independence from Fetty Wap

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Are Fetty Wap and Masika together? The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple looks to be coming apart, especially given Masika’s increasing willingness to talk about the child she and Fetty had together without her baby daddy around. Just last week, Masika shared a pair of brand-new photos of hersef and daughter Khari Barbie in the delivery room shortly after Khari’s birth; while Fetty was in one of the photos, the overall tone seemed to suggest that Masika is starting to feel stronger and more independent now that LHHH Season 3 has begun airing.

In addition, Masika recently sat for a behind-the-scenes interview with VH1, one in which she explained the origins of the name “Khari Barbie.” Where does the unique moniker come from? According to Masika, she was inspired by her mother, who gave all of her children (Masika has a brother and a sister) African names with “strong meanings.” (“Masika,” for example, means “Invincible.”) To that end, then, Masika decided to bestow “Khari” upon her daughter: it means “Queenly,” “born to rule and bring joy,” and “joyful song.”

And the “Barbie” part? “I mean,” Masika said, “She’s gonna be a Barbie doll–look at her mom.”

Finally, Masika is laying the foundation for her very own business, something completely separate from any musical endeavors with or without Fetty, and certainly separate from her participation on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. What does the self-proclaimed Barbie of VH1 have in mind? Why, a cosmetic line and beauty consultancy, of course:

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 continues Monday nights on VH1.

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VIDEO LHHH Masika Kalysha claps back against Fetty Wap, reveals she discovered pregnancy during boob job consultation

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