LHHH Masika Kalysha and Hazel-E’s brawl was ‘hella’ fake and ‘planned,’ say witnesses

Masika Kalysha and Hazel-E 1

It probably won’t come as a huge shock to you to learn that ninety-odd percent of what happens on a reality television show is scripted and rehearsed by actors and producers before the cameras roll. Nonetheless, it’s still a surprise when word of an unguarded moment gets out–and it looks like Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is the latest victim to the #fakenews curse, thanks to gossip about a “brawl” between Masika Kalysha and Hazel-E last night.

ICYMI, there’s no love lost between the two women. In addition to Masika’s alleged prostitution receipts that Hazel shared a couple of weeks back, they’ve basically been itching for a showdown since Hazel teamed up with newbie Alexis Skyy and accused Masika of child neglect following reports that Masika’s daughter Khari accidentally ate a stray Xanax tablet shortly after filming began for LHHH Season 4.

So: keeping all that in mind, the first report on yesterday’s Masika Kalysha and Hazel-E fight came from noted gossip account @LHHTEA. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve disabled embedding of tweets, but this link will take you directly to their tea: namely, that “Masika ran up on Hazel and ‘snatched her’ [wig],” but that things didn’t escalate because security got between the two women in “.000000000001 seconds.” (Devotées will recall that Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s producers banned all on-camera fighting, on pain of huge fines, before filming for Season 4 began.)

However, even sweeter tea comes from @BestRealityBlog, who quoted an alleged eyewitness to the pseudo-brawl. According to the onlooker, the confrontation seemed straight-up lame: the two women circled and shouted insults at each other in an empty club, while first practicing and then running through “hella takes” of the heat-of-the-moment encounter.

And maybe the saddest part? Apparently, even the drinks were fake.

No word yet on when the fight will air. Based on the details above, though, it sounds like it’ll be hard to miss 😉

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood airs a special episode this Sunday, August 27th, at 7 PM before returning to its usual Monday night slot.

(Photo credits: Masika Kalysha and Hazel-E via Instagram)

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