Joseline and Stevie J shade the ever-loving hell out of each other in LHHATL meltdown

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If you thought there might be a chance that Joseline and Stevie J would get back together, you might want to turn away from this nuclear-scale explosion. Otherwise, look away! The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars–and former lovers, if you can believe that they ever even liked each other–took their breakup wa-a-a-y past hostility this week, and seem to be determined to figure out which one of them can best insult the other.

Joseline and Stevie J 2

It was actually Joseline who started the fight last weekend, when she began tweeting that she had proof Stevie J is either gay or bisexual, insulted him to that extent several times, and then claimed she would be more than willing to take a lie detector test to prove she was sincere. Joseline never really stopped her side of the fight; she only slowed down a little bit, before picking up the pace over the last few days:

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At the same time, basically every single image Joseline uploaded to Instagram for the past week–with the exception of a few shots from a Miami vacation–was intended to insult Stevie J in one way or another. Here are a couple of the more tasteful selections:

Joseline and Stevie J 5

Joseline and Stevie J 7

(In fact, maybe the worst image Joseline associated with Stevie J–or the best, depending on your point of view–is one we can’t even show you on this page. It involves a certain loudmouthed Republican presidential candidate having his mouth filled with…well, you can see it for yourself by clicking here.)

Stevie J, for his part, has addressed the controversy in almost completely positive terms–on social media, anyway:

So Joseline took to the airwaves to plead her case. “I’ve been a great wife to” him, she told Hot 107.9, in a clip obtained by The Shade Room. “I’ve been nothing but great….I’ve been cheated on, I’ve been lied to, and I stood by him…and, you know, when I packed up, he thought he could go on tour, disclaiming his wife. He looked like a sucka. Real men don’t do that.”

This bait was too much for Stevie, who decided he had to, in VH1’s words, “trash [Joseline’s] music and her entire existence, pretty much.” What did he say? “Ma,” Stevie began, “I’m still getting more residuals off of any song I did in the ’90s than you’ll every get off any of those bum a$$ songs you’re doing.” Oh, and he also implied that Joseline sells her body for money and appeared to confirm the long-standing rumor that the two of them were never actually married. Quaint!

Finally, Joseline has begun (as in, only about an hour ago) promising even more revelations to come, and once again seeming to imply that she’ll have no shortage of tea to spill at the the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 reunion:

Beyond that, Joseline is also claiming that Stevie’s been cheating on her with another member of the LHHATL cast–someone who Joseline, affectionally, refers to as a “whore.” She shared a screencap of the cast member, filmed from the back with no facial features (but some tattoos) visible, and implied that the image comes from a sex tape featuring the cast member and Stevie J. (You can see the screencap for yourself here.)

After all of that, Stevie J tried to get back on the high road–

Say less. A photo posted by Stevie J. (@hitmansteviej_1) on

–but couldn’t resist trying for one more dig on Twitter. And, to be honest, it looked pretty weak, compared how quickly things escalated over the past few days:

So…this probably means that Stevie J and Joseline: Go Hollywood is canceled?


(Photo credits: Joseline and Stevie J via Instagram)

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