Jenelle’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers arrested again, says he’s overdosed 5 times & been to rehab 17 times

Jenelle Evans ex husband Courtland Rogers 2019 arrest mug shot

Just as things seem to be looking up for former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason, things take yet another turn for the worse for her ex-husband Courtland Rogers.

Courtland was arrested yet again in Brunswick County this week. According to jail records, he was booked on July 17 and charged with a felony probation violation stemming from his February, 2018 arrest for possession with the intent to sell and distribute a schedule III controlled substance.

Courtland was booked again in April of 2018 for the same charges. In August of 2018 he was once again posing for the Brunswick County Jail booking camera when he was arrested for assault on a female after an alleged altercation with his wife Lindsey Rogers. He was released in March after spending more than six months behind bars for the assault charge.


It’s unclear what Courtland did to allegedly violate his probation this time around. The 33-year-old is back out with a court date scheduled for September 3.

Courtland, who revealed that his wife Lindsey is pregnant with their second child back in May, often talks about his struggles with addiction on social media. Earlier this month he shared a very lengthy Facebook post in which he goes into great detail about how drugs — heroin in particular — has ruined his life, as well as the lives of those close to him.

He reveals that he has been to prison (not just jail) four times, and he says he has been to 17 different treatment centers to try to overcome his addiction issues. In total, Courtland figures that he has spent 7 of his 33 years either behind bars or in rehab.

“I am 33 years old and have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR MYSELF,” Courtland writes. “I LITERALLY OWN 20 shirts 4 pairs of shorts and 5 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of shoes and a car!!! That’s all I own in my 33 years of being on this earth!!! That’s all I got to my name!! And it is nobody’s fault but my own!!! I know that! Tho it’s hard as fck to digest I get it down….”

Courtland continues to throw out shocking numbers as he reveals that he has overdosed five times. He adds that the last time he overdosed was after a friend of his died after using heroin with a particular stamp on the bag. Courtland told himself: “well if it killed him it’s f**king good as f**k,” so he tracked down a bag of the same stuff for himself. He says that he overdosed after just one bag, and that he would not still be alive if it weren’t for a friend that had NARCAN and was able to give him two doses to revive him.

Courtland has returned to social media since being released from jail over the weekend, but he has not addressed his most recent stint behind bars. His posts have been LOTS and LOTS of photos of him and his pregnant wife Lindsey Rogers and their one-year-old son Camryn Kruze. Lindsey is due in four months, and she reveals in the comments of one of Courtland’s photos that they will be finding out the sex of the baby on July 29.

Here is Courtland’s complete Facebook post about how drug addiction has impacted his life and the lives of those around him, along with one of his recent selfies posing with his pit bull Gucci:

Courtland Rogers pit bull cigarette selfie

I just want the whole world to kno that I am NOT PERFECT .. I never have been and never will b!! I have LOST MY PATH AND FOUND MY PATH LOST MY PATH and found my path more than a normal human being and I have off and on BATTLED WITH ADDICTIONS THAT HAVE COMPLETELY RUINED MAJOR RELATIONSHIPS IN MY LIFE WHICH TO THIS DAY I AM STILL TRYING TO GET BACK.

I have been to prison 4 separate times for months and FOR YEARS and I have been thru 17 … SEVENTEEN DIFFERENT TREATMENT CENTERS(Rehabs) matter of fact between rehabs and jails and prisons I have lost almost 7 years of my life/freedom 7 years I have been without my family been without my friends been without my heart!!! I am 33 years old and have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR MYSELF I LITERALLY OWN 20 shirts 4 pairs of shorts and 5 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of shoes and a car !!! That’s all I own in my 33years of being on this earth!!! That’s all I got to my name!! And it is nobody’s fault but my own!!! I know that! Tho it’s hard as fck to digest I get it down ….

I have literally thrown away 3 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES FOR A GOD D*MN HIGH and the worst part of it all…. I DIDNT care while it was going on I NEVER KNEW IT WOULD END UP SO BAD … I knew but I didn’t believe .. I mean I’ve seen FRIENDS, REAL FRIENDS LAYING IN CASKETS I have watched dirt get thrown on people I loveds caskets and I have witnessed death myself thru 5 separate overdoses …. I HAVE OVERDOSED 5 timessssss FIVE TIMESSSSSSSSSSSS

I AM NOT LUCKY I AM NOT FORTUNATE I am not the best and I am FOR SURE NOT AN ANGEL … my last overdOse was the worst yet I went into seizures and bit my tongue 14 times before completely going out…. if a guy I was using with at the time WOULDNT of been there I wouldn’t b here today I wouldn’t be alive I mean BY THE GRACE OF GOD there was someone there with me and narcan was available he had to hit me twice with the narcan for me to come back … u know the craziest part about that specific overdose ??? I had just found out that a friend of mine had passed away from the same drug that almost took my life..the same TYPE OF BAGS OF DOPE THAT killed him I went and got because for some insane reason I thought “well if it killed him it’s f**king good as f**k” so I actually found someone with the same stamped bags and did One (1) AT THAT TIME IN MY LIFE I WAS UP TO 4-5 bags at a time but being this was the kind that killed my friend I did ONE to see where it got me and I swear to god that one bag did it… I died that day … that was the fifth overdose MY LAST overdose …

Drugs got so bad in my life that I would move state to state finding the best drugs from California to Colorado to Florida to Nevada to SC back home to NC I honestly genuinely believed that that’s why I was put here like it was gods intention for Me do drugs …. it literally changed my life it has changed where I SHOULD B TODAY and it has killed everything in its path along the way…. I still don’t understand how it was able to come before my family …. MY OWN LOVING FAMILY !! I stole ,lied, verbally abused , worried and stressed the ones that loved me most for YEARS AND COULDNT EVEN SEE IT I BET MY MOM AND DAD HAVE LOST MORE SLEEP THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD from MY ADDICTION… it didn’t just take my soul and leave .. it took my soul and replaced it with it’s own and just kicked mine to dirt.. and my family went thru hell and back a hundred times due to my stupidity and my greed in my addiction… I have hurt my mom and dad more than anyone in the entire world from this .. my MOM AND DAD!! And I love them more than life itself that’s one of the million crazy things about drugs and active addictions … we tend to hurt the ones we love the most!!! It’s fuxking sad as fuxk and I cannot believe some of the things I have put people that I have loved my whole life and people who have loved thru…. my own family has lost more than materialistic sh*t more than sentimental sh*t more than most could ever imagine and I am literally crying right now thinking about it … drugs will take u down!!!

Yea yea yea who cares courtland ur probably high right now…. is what I imagine people are saying to them selves reading this and I ain’t mad at u for thinking that because I deserve the hateful comments and negativity I’m thrown I deserve to get my ass beat twice a day for the rest of my life I deserve the karma and bad luck I get I deserve to not have anything to my name because that’s what I signed up for the first day I started using ….

I remember people (recovering addicts) coming to my high school a few times a year to speak to all of us in the gym about drugs and the dangers and the HORRIFIC LIVES THEY HAVE HAD DUE TO THEM AND I REMEMBER TELLING MYSELF THANK GOD I DONT SO THAT STUFFF…. I was LEGIT scared of needles my WHOLE LIFE until about 6 years ago when I found a drug called heroin … and ever since the first time injecting I never looked back I loved the anticipation of shooting up just as much as the high I mean I would sometimes shoot water just to see the blood.

I have been to the bottom of the bottom and not just once … like I said I am 33 years old and have been battling drug addictions for a third of those years if u take 12 years of active using drugs minus 7 of those years for the rehabs and jails and prisons then that only leaves 5 years on the street actually doing them I have seen it all I have witnessed it all I have seen some of the most beautiful people in the world do some of the ugliest things just for other hit and I have betrayed many friends and MY WHIE ENTIRE FAMILY WITH NO SYMPATHY AT THE TIME…

I don’t know everything about anything ….. I don’t know what it is making me write this small book in this status right now but I do kno that if there was one thing … ONE THING IN THE WORLD GOD WOULD LET ME CHANGE ……Anything ANY ONE THING WHETHER ITS to B A BILLIONAIRE OR THE PRESIDENT OF THE US or just a business owner I would choose to go back to the first time I ever let my mind overpower my heart I would pick that one thing to b me SAYING NO INSTEAD OF YES !! I wish so bad I could change my past but the sad part is the past is set in stone because time never stops life always goes on so here I am spending 2 hours writing a small book about just how bad DRUGS F**KING SUCK!!!

I am sure I have went off on several different tangents and I am sure half of y’all will probably laugh or talk sh*t once u read this but who the f**k cares y’all are the same ones that will b wishing y’all would of listened oneday … if I just would of listened to my family and friends and if I would of just believed what some of the smartest people I have ever met were telling me and if I would of just SAID NO…. there is no telling WHERE I WOULD BE IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW …. y’all will never guess what I wanted to b when I grew up….. I wanted to be a professional baseball player and y’all would of never known this but I had scouts watching me play ball in high school I was going all the way I was going to hit that home run to win the World Series and guess what I did drugs 1 time and my whole life MY WHOLE FUTURE Changed AND I AM SITTING HERE WRITING THIS INSTEAD OF Wearing A JERSEY WITH MY NAME ON THE BACK of it running OUT ON TO A FIELD WITH A CROWD CHEERING

I have lost everything I’ve Owned atleast once and am nationally known as a heroin addict IN different countries and that f**king sucks because I am NOT THE PIECE OF SH*T HALF OF YALL CATEGORIZE ME AS… I am not a bad person and I am not a failure I have a heart and I want to live so if this doesn’t make any other sense to y’all let it make sense to the fact that addiction is real addiction Is happening addiction is alive and it’s killing people every second and it’s time to make it known and to start taking Action because I SWEAR TO GOD MAYBE YOU ARENT A ADDICT BUT I SWEAR TO GOD SOMEBODY U LOVE IS….. it’s a epidemic everywhere right now and it’s f**king SAD!! And it is killing ones we love so make sure if u know someone that uses, hug and kiss them everyday and every night cause u never know when it’s going to kill them like my friend I watched get barried this sh*t Is real don’t wait until its to late and if some of y’all are scared to admit it or don’t know who to trust …. I AM BEGGING U TO TRUST ME. CALL ME TEXT ME MESSAGE ME VIDEO MESSAGE ME I WILL DO WHATEVER I CAN TO HELP YALL!!! #YouAreNeverAlone

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