VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 S2 E4 After Show and bonus footage break down

It seems like about a month since last Wednesday what with all the holiday stuff but Wednesday it is so that means it’s time for our weekly break down of the Teen Mom After Show and bonus footage.

This week we’ve got Jenelle’s Delp-centered problems, Kailyn chats about the topic of the “sex talk” and how immature her boyfriend Jordan seemed about all of that, Chelsea still trying to explain her Adam obsession in spite of everyone’s disapproval and Leah on how she knows for a fact that Corey could be at Ali’s appointments in spite of his work excuse.

First up is the full After Show:


Jenelle explains that her difficulty with school revolved around…. Kieffer Delp of course. Well, the #delper and her mom Barbara giving her the business about Delp. So how awkward was it that Jenelle would only give him a ride if he’d turn himself in? According to Evans it was certainly weird. Bottom line, she’s glad that she did press charges and she believes it was the best thing for him. However, she doesn’t believe he’s learned his lesson and that he’s a “lost soul.”

Soooooo. Why does she keep returning to Delp? It’s all about that young love and how much her help meant to him. She loved how helping him made her feel.


Ali’s MRI results come in and the fact that Corey chooses to work instead really hurts her feelings. She explains that she called his work and they told her that he could get off work any time he needs to when it comes to Ali’s appointments. It does bother Leah and she obviously resents it but she states that she’s used to it so she just copes.

When Leah found out that little Ali’s brain and spine were normal she was almost in disbelief. She was extremely happy and the host tries to give Corey a little slack by reasoning that perhaps he wants to be there but he’s scared. Leah straightens that out real quick by reminding Pak that she’s just as scared as he is but she’s there for her daughter when she needs her.


Kailyn explains why she chose having the IUD Mirena as her choice for birth control. She stated that she just wanted to not have to worry about taking the pill. In regards to her sex talk with Jordan and his immature reaction, it really did take Kailyn by surprise. Watching the episode made her wonder if he was ready for an adult relationship.

Kailyn explained that her mom’s approach to sex education was, “Don’t do it until your 18.” She emphasized the fact that her mom wasn’t much of a beacon of thoughtfulness in regards to this particular topic. She was also concerned by the fact that Jordan had never had the talk with his parents.


Chelsea can’t explain why Adam’s fuse is short and why they explode into big arguments so easy. She states that Adam did the right thing by taking Aubree because she was in too much pain following their big argument. After being asked, she explains that she’s not sure if Adam can legally walk away with her daughter like he did. No one really supports her wanting to be with Adam although friends who’ve been through the same sitch and her mom at least understand her and why she does it.

For this week’s bonus footage we’ve got Chelsea trying to cut off any connection with Adam following yet another small-turned-big fight. Houska’s gal-pal Erika tries to get her to do just that by hiding her cell phone:

See you next week year!