Leah Calvert slams Corey Simms’ marriage in Facebook rant


Anyone remember the 2006 How I Met Your Mother episode “Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.”? Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Calvert seemed to prove that point last night when she posted a Facebook rant aimed at ex-husband Corey Simms and his wife, Miranda Simms, shortly after 2 in the morning.

The drama began earlier in the night when a Facebook fan page for Corey and Miranda shared a link to an article that said Leah was “acting single.” Leah didn’t take kindly to that suggestion and fired back in the comments.

“Shame on this page… Especially on this page that is ran by Corey and his family. Jeremy and I are very happy and hate seeing that. When a couple PRETEND to be so PERFECT is where problems really lie,” Leah said, as shown in a screen-capture by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, who also notes that it doesn’t really seem like Corey or his family members have any affiliation with the page. (Update: Miranda confirmed she and Corey don’t have a fan page.)

Corey Simms - Miranda Simms

Then, to make an even bigger statement, Leah took to her own Facebook fan page to say the things on Corey and Miranda’s fan page “is far from being true.” She also repeated, “They may want to be very WISE about what they post because a marriage that PRETENDS to be PERFECT is NEVER perfect. Especially when there is way more not told to a specific spouse, and thats all im going to say.”

Leah Calvert Facebook Rant Against Corey Simms

Leah added she and Jeremy are happily married, saying, “This is all im going to say in regards to all the craziness being post on their page as well as any other page. Marriage is far from perfect but my husband and I are very much in love with each other and still remain married and that doesnt plan to change.” (Interestingly, her private Facebook page shows she “got married” as a new life event on Dec. 13.)

This isn’t the first time Leah’s taken shots at her ex-husband’s new marriage: During the Teen Mom 2 reunion show that aired in April, Leah said, “When him and Miranda got together the first time he was out cheating on her. It wasn’t just me.”

Miranda responded after the episode aired by telling people not to “believe everything you hear” and “make sure your hands are clean before pointing your finger.”

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