How does Home Town keep the reveal hidden from the family?

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We’ve answered just about every other question you have regarding Erin and Ben Napier’s cozy-tastic hit show Home Town. We know how the homebuying and renovation process actually works, why the Napiers don’t renovate every single room, and whether the families on the show keep all the furnishings. And we left no stone unturned to find out just how much taller than Erin Ben actually is.

In fact, before today, there was only one major question left that we’d been unable to answer at all: How exactly does the HGTV Home Town reveal work? Do the homeowners always sneak a peek at their new digs, or do the producers *really* manage to keep the house a secret? But now, thanks to Erin, we’ve got the answer — and it’s a good one!

Erin just dropped the details in an Instagram post previewing tonight’s new episode. She shared the above photo of Jean and Charles from last week’s episode, going full Bird Box before seeing their new home for the first time.

“I have a photo like this of every homeowner we’ve ever worked with,” Erin said. She then explained how the reveal goes down:

One of our producers drives them to the house blindfolded and we hold their hands and walk them into position to get that first authentic reaction, then after they’ve seen it, we film the walk up. I love these photos and how nervous and excited we all are EVERY. TIME.

I guess if you were *really* committed to ruining your own surprise, you could drive by the house during the renovation and get an early look. But that would just be spoiling your appetite for dinner by sneaking a sundown dessert. Plus, most of the families featured on Home Town haven’t yet moved to Laurel, so pulling off a preview would likely be a real challenge.

Season 3 rolls on: New episodes of Home Town air Monday nights at 9 on HGTV.

(Photo credit: HGTV Home Town reveal via Instagram)

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