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The Worst Cooks In America really are that bad, but they all have good reasons why

Are the Worst Cooks In America really that bad? They can't be that bad, can they? They must be actors. Right? Well, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) what you see is what you get in the kitchen when a new batch of recruits rolls up on Food Network's set for a new season of the show. Despite persistent belief among viewers that the pseudo-chefs featured on the show must be paid actors, or are amping up their own deficiencies, a bevy of behind-the-scenes testimony lends credence to the opposite point of view: no, these guys really are that bad.

Giada de Laurentiis’ net worth takes hit from divorce, continues to rise with new success

Thanks to a costly divorce, the Giada de Laurentiis net worth question has become conspicuous. Of course, it doesn't look like Giada's hurting–her recent purchase of a $6 million home and booming sales of her latest cookbook will attest to that. But just how much money is Giada de Laurentiis worth? Read on for the details!

What is the net worth of The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond?

What is the net worth of Ree Drummond, more popularly known as Food Network sensation The Pioneer Woman? The "Pioneer Woman net worth" question is a popular one, since Drummond became a food and lifestyle celebrity after starting at the very bottom, with a humble blog she ran completely on her own. Over the past decade, she's become a social media and television phenomenon–but maintains the simple (ish) lifestyle that Drummond says she prefers.

Guy Fieri rips Anthony Bourdain over years of insults: ‘He definitely has issues’

Guy Fieri made it clear that he's done absorbing insult after insult from prominent Food Network critic Anthony Bourdain–and he did so in an uncharacteristically restrained fashion. Fieri addressed the Parts Unknown host's ongoing beef in a new interview, saying, among other things, that Bourdain "has issues." Read on for his full retort!

Is Alton Brown bringing back Good Eats?

Is Alton Brown bringing back Good Eats? Brown and Food Network sent the star's career-making show off with a chocolate-themed Valentine's Day extravaganza in 2014–but reruns of the show are wildly popular over on sister network Cooking Channel. Recently, Alton Brown opened up about the possibility of a Good Eats revival, which has a better chance of happening than you might think...

Most commonly asked questions about BBQ Blitz, with Food Network Star winner Eddie Jackson

There's some solid buzz surrounding Eddie Jackson, winner of the most recent season of Food Network Star–and the star of BBQ Blitz, his own upcoming Food Network program. While Eddie has a ton of experience both in the kitchen and on the football field, he's still an unfamiliar face to a lot of viewers. Now that it's football season–and when is it not barbecue season?–here's a bit of insight into Eddie Jackson and BBQ Blitz.