Domenick Nati says choice to interview Jenelle Eason doesn’t make him ‘a homophobic, animal-abusing racist’

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans cancels interview with The Domenick Nati Show and he responds

Early last week, celebrity publicist and radio host Domenick Nati announced a live interview with former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason planned for Thursday, November 5. However, just before the interview was scheduled to start, Jenelle backed out.

Soon after the cancellation, Dom took to social media to address some of the negative backlash he was receiving because he chose to interview Jenelle. During his series of Instagram story clips, Dom explains that interviewing someone controversial is not an indication that you support their point of view or life decisions. He even cites examples like CBS interviewing Charles Manson.

“Since the interview is not happening, I will address this now,” Dom began.

“Some of you guys are new, and you don’t understand this,” Dom continued. “When you interview people, you don’t just interview people that you agree with all their life choices.”

Domenick then brings up the fact that serial killer Ted Bundy was interviewed numerous times, as evidenced by the recent Netflix documentary Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.

“CBS has interviewed Charles Manson,” he added. “Joe Biden does interviews with Fox News. When you interview a serial killer, that does not, in fact, make you a serial killer.”

More from Dom:

I don’t know how you guys came up with this concept that when you interview someone, you take on all of their life choices. That’s actually not how it works. I never knew there was so much confusion.

So, now that you understand — on this show, I interview people that I have questions for. That does not mean that I agree with all of their life choices. And it does not mean that all of their life choices are reflective of me. It means I have questions for them. That’s how interviews work.

I’m glad I could explain that to you guys. Sorry for all the confusion. I’m not a homophobic, animal-abusing racist.

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This isn’t the first time a connection has been made between the Easons and notorious criminals. In honor of Father’s Day last year, Investigation Discovery included David Eason in a list of five “Frightening Fathers” that featured kidnappers, murderers and rapists like Ariel Castro, Larry Ray, Josef Fritzl and John List.

Detractors of Jenelle Eason, commonly referred to as “hatters” due to a typo years ago, are quite passionate. As soon as Jenelle announces any sort of business partnership, a campaign begins to inform the new business partner of all of Jenelle and her husband David Eason’s infamous life choices.

The backlash almost always results in Jenelle’s business partners breaking ties with her, whether it is a children’s clothing brand, a weed dispensary, or even a salon scheduled to host her cosmetics launch party.

However, Domenick is absolutely correct in pointing out that interviewing Jenelle is a completely different thing than going into business with her. I know that a lot of hatters resent Jenelle getting any sort of stage to speak on, but Domenick has a long history of interviewing controversial celebrities, and he has a proven track record of being able to get folks to respond to the tough questions people want answers to.

I know had Jenelle’s interview on The Domenick Nati Show penciled in on my calendar, and I was really looking forward to several headlines coming from it.

One thing Domenick didn’t talk about was the reason he was given for Jenelle’s cancellation.

Jenelle addressed the snub with an Instagram live post the following day:

Sorry I canceled my IG Live session yesterday! I cancelled the interview because I was advised to by my PR team. Maybe next time!

Unfortunately, Jenelle gave no further insight into why her PR team didn’t want her to do the interview. My guess is that they are aware of Dom’s ability to get folks to answer difficult questions, and they know that if Jenelle answers difficult questions, it probably won’t be good for her. That is purely speculation though.

Speaking of speculation, my guess is that Jenelle will try to further promote her YouTube channel by doing her own interview — more than likely with her husband Daavid Eason replacing Domenick. Perhaps David could even sport some shades and smoke a cigar?

NOTE: Just because I am coming up with great PR ideas for Jenelle and David, that does not mean that I agree with all their life choices. 😉

Meanwhile, if you’re Jonesing for a Teen Momenick Nati fix, he recently interviewed OG dad Cory Wharton. According to the caption for the teaser, Cory “shades Farrah and tells all about Cheyenne.”

Here’s a clip:

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